Why is it Foolish to Chase Fashion Trends?

 Why is it Foolish to Chase Fashion Trends?

Fashion is always a controversial topic, but this is what keeps it the talk of the town. Some people love fashion, while some do not admire it much. One question that always gets the attention of the people is why you should stop chasing the fashion trend? There are many reasons behind this, and we can discuss most of them to find reasons behind why such perception develops about fashion.

Trends change with new products

BUT you may not need new things

Yes exactly. ‘Fashion’ is a whole industry, and it tends to change every day. Fashion companies need to earn product, and their products need to be updated with the latest trends. Globalisation has already intensified the challenges and competition. To stay and survive in the market, the companies have to lunch new trends every now and then.

In the race of the companies, you do not need to change the wardrobe every time. It will only leave you with an empty wallet, which is not a very wise thing to do to your finances. But things only when there is an actual purpose or occasion. By the time such occasion comes, the fashion industry will have many new options according to the time.

You fail to develop your own style

Chasing something too much kills creativity and individuality. When someone follows the trend, he/she fails to develop and recognise their style. A true fashion lover can never be the slave of what companies provide to the market. He is always a free-spirited person who knows how to materialise his imagination and develop a unique individual style.

Fashion is not an asset of the big fashion companies and industry giants; it is a personal choice that anyone can make. Yes, you can take the idea from the popular trends, but that should not be at the cost of personal identity.

Trends have a short span of life

Trends change fast and frequently but not the needs because they are for a purpose. A salaried person buys the latest design office wear once to update the wardrobe. But he cannot do it repeatedly because once he has purchased the new collection, the purpose is solved. Just like a water bubble, they keep emerging and keep vanishing in the crowd of other countless alternatives.

The colour, design, price, print keep changing, but people cannot change their needs every time. When fashion is purchased for a purpose, it is impossible to change it so easily and quickly. The market trends keep changing in a blink of an eye. Their life is very small, but the taste of people is not short-lived. It stays even for the whole life. It means it is not smart to chase fashion. In fact, enjoy a personal state and wear an original identity.

Products are useful not the trend

Yes, it is correct. You need a new pair of shoes to start a fitness routine to meet your health goals. For that, you will buy a pair of shoes from a renowned brand. Next week after purchasing them the trend changes and the company launches a new series of shoes. Will you buy them? NO, because the use of the product is complete, the purpose is solved.

Not everyone in the world buys fashion for just showing off; it should also fulfil the needs. People do not buy kitchen appliances to flaunt. These things have an actual use. Similarly, most people do not want to spend money on fashionable things for no reason.

Fashion trends are not customised

Exactly! Fashion is crafted according to global trends. They have less to do with the local needs. In short, it is not for you, whether you take it as a bitter truth or as a fact. It makes you change, but it does not change much according to people, primarily if a fashion company aims to generate more profit.

Yes, there can be reflections of the culture of a particular area but only reflections. Not everything is designed for the people of a place. It is always against the nature of brands because they think of making things that can be circulated to a bigger market.  Many people prefer to remain traditional in their approach to clothes, jewellery, etc., but the industry cannot remain traditional because that may denote ‘no change’. Is this possible? No, certainly not.

It can never be wise to make the fashion trends your habit because you cannot just afford them. Will you seek some fast loans with a guarantor or personal loan deals to buy expensive clothes? No way, what about the new trends? They will keep coming. Is it possible to use all savings or take a loan for fashion? That is the cost of following trends, and it sounds foolish. Isn’t it? A better deal is, be yourself, even if you are simple because simplicity is always in fashion.

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