What to Look for While Booking a Banquet Hall Amidst the COVID Times?

 What to Look for While Booking a Banquet Hall Amidst the COVID Times?

While 2020 had been a particularly challenging year for the whole world owing to the pandemic, everyone hoped that 2021 might bring some good news. But the chances are grim. But this doesn’t mean that you have to halt your whole life and cancel all your special occasions and celebrations till the time the virus goes away. For what it’s worth, you surely want some happiness in your life right now that will give you some joy during this trying time. That is why you need to plan your celebrations, weddings or parties while being careful about everything.

Your joyous moments are not only meant for you but every other person who is connected with you, your loved ones, families and friends. So, when you are planning an event with them, you are surely spreading joy. But at the same time, you have to make sure that you are not spreading the virus. How can you do that? Whether you are looking for wedding and reception halls or baby shower venues or birthday party halls, you need to look for the following points to ensure a safe celebration of your moments without risking anyone’s lives. Take a look.

Spacious Venue with Equipped Staff

When you are booking a venue for your event, make sure the hall you are booking is spacious enough. Currently, when you are partying , you are supposed to invite only a limited number of guests. Booking a smaller place might sound tempting for them but it is not safe. A spacious venue will ensure that your guests can stay comfortable and can interact even from distance. If you are in Houston and booking Azul Reception Halls, you will get a 9500 sq ft area that has the maximum capacity of accommodating 350 guests. You can invite even less for a place like this.

While booking the halls for rent, make sure that their staff is equipped for managing the situation. They should be wearing gloves, face covers or masks and if necessary then head covers and shields too. The halls should have sanitizer everywhere so that the in-house staff can keep sanitizing their hands throughout. Also, they should have visible badges of enlisted staff as you cannot risk the security of your guests either.

Proper Hygiene and Sanitization Measures for Food Area

Right now, when you are booking a venue, you surely are getting in-house caterers to limit people in the venue. Make sure that the food and cooking areas are clean, hygienic and sanitized properly. While your guests are coming to your event, they are equally worried about the situation. So, ensure they feel safe and comfortable.

Ditch Buffet and Choose Seated Eating or Packets

While the buffet is the most convenient and efficient choice for wrapping up the dinner scene faster, right now, during the pandemic, it is not a good choice for you. This is more because of the open pots, serving with the same utensils for long and shared plates and silverware. This is why you need to go for seated eating. This way, you will be able to avoid the risks that the buffet system can bring for you. Also, if possible, then you can opt for packed food. Let the caterer pack the food or you get it from another outside vendor. This will help you eliminate the risks of spreading and contamination. The banquet halls in Houston are offering these alternatives too.

Essential Basket for Guests at Every Table

For the sitting arrangement in the hall, you need to ensure that everyone can maintain the necessary distance while enjoying the feast and the merriment. For that, you can place an essential basket for the guests at each table. This basket should carry hand sanitizers, gloves and disposable masks, wipes and so on. This way, even if the guests are not carrying their own things, you can ensure safety.

Affordable Pricing and Refund Option

The time is very difficult right now. While you are going for a celebration of a grand event of your life, you also need to be prepared for a sudden change in plan. Such is the life these days. It is true that the life and its little moments of joys will not wait for the pandemic to get over, you also need to care about the money you are investing. So, book the hall that offers affordable packages. Right now, even if you want to splurge, holding the strings of your purse tightly will be a wiser choice. Also, make sure that if you are canceling the event at any point because of some sudden incident or accident, you get the maximum amount of refund.

So, check for these things and ideas when you are looking for the right party or banquet hall for your event. Enjoy your blissful moments while being responsible to one another.



I am Eric Torres, a blogger and event manager with years of planning events at the most happening venues in Houston, Texas. I have been a regular at Azul Reception Hall and I love their in-house services that make any party more happening. Follow my blogs for more recent ideas and tips.

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