What Is Worse Drinking or Smoking?

 What Is Worse Drinking or Smoking?

Do you often smoke or drink? Then you may know the devastating effects it can have on your long term health like heart and lung conditions, liver problems, etc. But do you know that they also affect your current body health? Both of them are shown to increase blood pressure and cholesterol. Why is this important? That is because they directly affect your cardiovascular health. You might know but people die mostly of heart diseases and smoking directly affects that. Here is something for you to decide which one is the absolute evil and whether or not you should quit both of them.


Liquors like red wine may be beneficial for you but that is true only if you consume them in a smaller amount. Moderation in anything won’t hurt. If you consume alcohol excessively, you can harm your health in many ways. Uncontrolled alcohol intake can raise your blood pressure over the long run. It can also disrupt our normal heart rhythms which can cause your heart to pump irregularly which can, in turn, reduce the uniform supply of oxygen to the body. This can cause various other conditions like consistent lethargy, trouble digesting food, eye problems, and weight gain. Drinking can also weaken your heart and cause several other heart problems that can be life-threatening. In short, you are slowly poisoning yourself if you are consuming too much liquor. So how do you manage it? Experts recommend limiting our alcohol intake to one to a maximum of two servings per day.


While you can consume small amounts of liquor, there is no benefit in smoking at all. Do you know that a puff of nicotine can reach your brain within 15 seconds? There is no moderate level of smoking. Smoking any amount of cigarettes is worse than alcohol. Drink and you will consume only alcohol. smoking makes you ingest a lot of harmful chemicals that are produced in real-time. The chemicals can cause damage at a cellular level and can cause all sorts of blood-related diseases. It can damage your arteries, your heart, kidneys and liver. Smoking also promotes the production of bad cholesterol that can clog up your arteries. This can result in expensive surgeries and life-threatening conditions. Just like alcohol, it also promotes the production of triglycerides that can produce bad cholesterol. That is why smoking is certainly worse than drinking.

Final Word

If you are on any of these, you don’t need to worry. I won’t say that it is easy to quit but there are certain steps you can take to manage and eventually quit these habits. Talk to someone close to you so he/she can support you whenever you are having difficulty. Talk to a therapist and if you just can’t quit, try using e-cigarettes to satisfy your nicotine intake first. Then slowly reduce the amount of intake. Check here for e-cigarette kits for sale

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