A amazon Business Sales Promotion Letter is an indirect offer for sale of certain goods and services. It is also called Business Promotion Letter or Goodwill Promotion letter. A Sales Promotion Letter, unlike other business letters, does not expect an overnight business. It only concentrates towards long lasting business relationship between the two parties. It does not follow the traditional methods to buy.

Qualities of a Sales Promotion Letter
A good Sales Promotion Letter should have the following qualities:

1) Timeliness
2) Expression of Goodwill
3) Friendly Attitude

1) Timeliness
Timeliness is an important quality of a Sales Promotion Letter. Timeliness means that the writer takes advantage of the vital events, celebration and anniversaries, etc. and introduces his goods and services to the customers.

2)Expression of Goodwill
Another quality of this letter is that a sales promotion letter expresses goodwill. In short, a good sales letter promotes goodwill between the buyer and the seller.

3) Friendly Attitude
One of the main qualities of a sales promotion letter is that it creates friendly attitude between the seller and the buyer. Other business letters such as order letter, complaint letter and collection letter are mostly written in formal style. On the other hand sales promotion letter always adopts a friendly attitude. It promotes courtesy, makes the atmosphere very cordial and it wins the reader’s heart.


Dear Mr. Ali,
The good news is that you opened a current account at our bank. It is the beginning of a pleasant and cordial relationship between us.

Uses of Sales Promotion Letter
Following are the main uses of Sales Promotion Letter:

1) To Strengthen relations with the old customers
2) To welcome new customers
3) To invite business from new sources
4) To activate this inactive customers.
5) To maintain goodwill

1) To Strengthen Relations with the Old Customers
A good businessman is the person who strengthens good relations with the old customers. For this purpose, the seller should send greeting messages to the customers on certain celebrations and festivals such as Eid, Christmas, and Easter etc. Also they should make the customer aware of special sales discount or the latest credit facilities. It is the best way to promote business relations between the seller and the old customer.

2) To Welcome New Customers
Customers are the asset of any business organization. They are important pillars of business success. They increase sales and bring profit to the seller. Therefore, they should be given warm welcome and honour. For this purpose, a seller should write ‘A letter of Thanks to the customer on his first purchase. It creates good impression and inspires him to buy more goods in future.


✓ “We welcome you as a special customer to our store.”

3) To Invite Business from New Sources
Promotion of sales is impossible without the extension of business. It depends upon extending the orbit of business. Good business firms always hunt new sources. In order to increase the number of customers, good business executives write sales promotion letters to the old and new customers to promote their sales. In this way they get business from new source through indirect sales request.

4) To Activate the Inactive Customers
Another important use of a sales promotion letter is to activate the inactive customers. Customers keep strange mood and psychology. Sometimes they stop buying because they are not satisfied with the goods and services. For this, sales promotion letters are sent to these customers, asking them the reason of their dissatisfaction. The writer of sales letter takes customer’s complaint seriously and
offers extra benefits in shape of gifts, discounts, and other incentives.


“We look forward to serving you again and feel confident that you will become our regular customer again.”

5) To Maintain Goodwill
The basic aim of a sales promotion letter is to build goodwill which is established through good business relations between the buyer and the seller. Letters of greetings and congratulations promote goodwill.


“Congratulations on opening a new branch of our office.”

“Please accept my sincere congratulations and warmest wishes for success in your new post.”

Sales letter docs not force the customer towards va course. It plays a vital role in promoting goodwill. This is basically an indirect offer to buy certain gods. Sales promotion letters offer goods and services, introduce product, discover new market, and increase sales. Their friendly attitude and courteous tone win the heart of the customers.

A Business Promotion Letter, Welcoming a New Customer
Shalimar Business Ltd.,
20-Jinnah Road,
January 15, 2008

Dear Mr. Zafar,

We feel pleasure and welcome you as special customer at our departmental stores. It is our policy to sell the quality goods at low prices. We feel pride and honour on providing prompt and valued service. We always strive to make your shopping easy and pleasant. Our selling teams always try its best to fulfill your needs and we always welcome new ideas from our customers for the improvement of our service.

A Business Promotion Letter, Welcoming a New Client

Soneri Bank,
30-Bank Square,
The Mall,
January 15, 2008

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