We are proud to prepare the best wedding dresses for his wedding, from wedding dresses or the prince’s wedding dresses to suitable for any man who wants a wedding. I am good at making a well-designed prince coat. Everyone who sees our beautiful prince’s cotton decoration will worry about our fines, so we explained that every prince will sue the groom. The suitability of a wedding is not accidental, because one has to make sure that he is best suited for the wedding at the wedding, and Rici understands and conveys something better than anyone.

Doll clothes are always crafted in our production center; whether it’s a fine slap for our men’s wedding, or a finer, more elaborate decoration for our prince’s suit. People tend to wear Rici wedding dress, which makes them feel confident, and wearing a wedding dress makes them stand out. In order to satisfy this infinite desire for uniformity and elegance applicable to wedding dresses, Rici has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals and craftsmen to ensure that it is only applicable to wedding dresses. produce.


To be honest, in addition to the wedding reception, the prince’s wedding dress is a great choice for most wedding days, and the wedding Pakistani PRINCE SUITS suit is the favorite choice for the “Valima” function. Let’s start with the prince coat at the wedding, we provide you with options on how to compare or lower, from the collared prince coat to the prince coat with shalwar kameez. When you are in a fun and energetic atmosphere like a music night, a prince coat with a collar is a good choice, and a prince jacket with shalwar kameez is a popular choice for National Day events.

You can also make the wedding dress into a prince’s wedding dress, and make it into a dress. The most popular color choice ordered in Rici Melian’s house is the prince’s signature black. The three Pakistani wedding dresses are different from the wedding prince dresses. In many important aspects, for example, the third line of the wedding should be formal, structured, and most importantly, have a more modern appearance. The most important thing to understand is that there is no Prince Sherwani jacket because you are going to a wedding or Sherwani prince jacket, so there will never be Prince Sherwani because that does not exist. Many families of the bride choose the prince’s coat because they do not have time, and the royal family and the entire wedding are comfortable to wear.



The top of the Rici Melian option of the Mehndi suit at the wedding will be a prince jacket with kurta shalwar, which is an unprecedented look on the occasion. Men’s dresses are not only necessary for Pakistani wedding mehndi dresses but can also be used as a prince coat for the game, which looks incredible to the royal family. Please note again that the prince’s coat is shalwar kameez. Because the wedding is a bridal gown jacket, as long as the bridal gown is made according to the ceremony, it can be worn several times.


Yes, we finally started here. There is no doubt that we want you to wear the best dress for your wedding, whether it is a bridal gown or our famous princess designer; hairstylist Rici Melian will ensure that you provide you with the best dress for your wedding. The price difference of the prince’s coat depends on the clothes, design, and decoration choices they choose from the two princes.

The general choice for the royal princess jacket is the hot-selling dress of the golden prince, which is usually matched with a skirt and a prince jacket, which can make all the wedding ideas of men a perfect match. Blue is the perfect surface for the prince and the prince of Juba, not only the best but also the choice of outerwear. The price of our Rici Melian jackets can meet any budget, for example, our latest collection of Prince Jackets has very cheap initial changes, while some limited coat options are more expensive. In short, you can find the best dresses for weddings in our online store.



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