Types of Hoodies for Men to Wear this Winter

 Types of Hoodies for Men to Wear this Winter

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Unlike summers, we have selective apparel choices to make in winters. Luckily, winters also have some wonderful body warming clothing which we miss a lot in other seasons, these are jackets, uppers, blazers and how can we forget hoodies? Hoodies are a favorite part of the wardrobe for not just men but also women.

When it is about hoodies, you don’t necessarily need to leave a hoodie as it is and not wear anything on top of it. To give a chic impression, many men out there wear even leather jackets over their hoodies. This not just protects them from the cold but also looks classy. Besides, you can also wear blazers, sweaters, and jackets over your favorite hoodies. However, we barely know that there are a number of varieties in hoodies for men. But, don’t worry! Today, we will reveal to you some most popular hoodie types for men to mix and match on different occasions. Let’s have a look;

Polo Hoodies:

Hoodies are literally addicting pieces and many of us are polo lovers, however, when both of them combine, the outcome is a polo hoodie. What makes polo hoodies identifiable is the logo on the left side of these hoodies. The logo can be of any color depending on the hoodie’s color.

Slim-Fit hoodies:

 As the name indicates, these are tight hoodies and go well with smart men instead of the fat ones. Once worn, these hoodies make the body look even slimmer and might end up making healthy men look a bit weird.

Zip-up Hoodies:

Besides pull-over hoodies, there is another type called zip-up hoodies which have a zip in the mid. These hoodies come in handy on hot days where you can unzip them a bit or full to dodge heat and resist sweating.

Pull-over Hoodies:

Want to know about the most popular style of hoodies? Well, here they are. Pull-over hoodies are usually in thick material but are soft and comfy. According to the latest designs, pull-over hoodies also sometimes have fur around the hood to add more style. However, as you can get the idea through the name, these hoodies don’t have zips.

Fur Hoodies:

I am sure you must have drooled at least once for this style of hoodies. Fur hoodies have some touches of faux fur (synthetic fur) on the cuffs, collars, or arms which make it, even more, a style of the bitter cold. These are comparatively costly than the fur-less hoodies.

Baja Hoodies:

Now, these hoodies are not just a comfort to wear but also to the eyes as they are made with some really unusually soft material and are multicolored.

Black Hoodies:

Every second person among us is fond of black color. That is because black is such a basic color which not only catches sight but also makes people look thin. Taking advantage, black hoodies are highly demanded. With advancements, now there are graphics, sketches, and even pictures added to black hoodies.

Designer Hoodies:

Designer hoodies are created and sold by the brands and they are available in a variety, such as with each company’s logos and prints and other distinctions. They can either be soft or hard. People who are brand conscious and take their personal impression genuinely seriously, prefer spending on designer hoodies. Although, designer hoodies are highly-priced than the others.

Hopefully, now you are aware of the fact that hoodies are not out in the market in just one material but many and they are also there in different styles. Besides keeping you warm, hoodies are a quick way to style you up in no time. The common hoodie compositions include cotton, polyester/spandex, polyester, cotton/polyamide, cotton/polyester fleece, polyester/acrylic/cotton, and cotton polyester. However, there’s a misconception about hoodies for men that they can’t be worn formally but only informally which is totally wrong. For formal gatherings, you surely can’t flaunt a graphic-centered hoodie but you should opt for plain hoodies. For formals, just keep in mind that neutrals are the key to success.


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