The Four Types of Wine Tours You Should Experience

 The Four Types of Wine Tours You Should Experience

 Wine tourism is increasingly becoming important and famous. Since wine has many benefits more and more individuals have started indulging themselves in winery tours. Winery tours are educational experiences of tasting different wines. Besides tasting, wine, you will tour the vineyards and even be invited to pluck a few grapes and sample them straight from the vine. In 2017 almost 40% of all wine is consumed in a country other than where it was made. In 2000 the number was only 22%. In 2018 the average annual consumption per resident has increased by 27 percent to a high of 2.95 gallons. Wine tourism is a major source for revenues and it has created employment for many people. With time, winery tours are diversified into four types which we are going to discuss.

1. Open Door Wine Tourism

This is a very common type of wine tourism; it is basically reviving people for wine tastings and cellar visits. Wine cellars are opened for people to come and visit, and taste different kinds of vines available. People like to drink wine, an excellent wine. It seems obvious but it is not. A visit to the cellar must have as a central moment the wine tasting! If this is not good, you risk losing much of the magic of the moment. 

2. Edutainment

This actually means education and entertainment. With the opportunity of tasting wines and having fun, you also get to educate yourself on how to make it, for example blending session, harvesting workshops, vineyard nature walks and cooking class. Since wine has proven to be a major revenue earner, this type of tour is increasingly becoming common and also been introduced in colleges. 

3. Disneyland Wine Tourism

The term Disneyland is used here to describe the nature of this kind of tour. Basically, these types of tours are huge in nature. These are the big budget projects hosted by major vine companies who use this opportunity to introduce new vine samples or existing vine samples to further boost their already well-established brand.

4. Eventification

These are the events which happen only once a year or only one time for a whole life span. These events are strictly focused on wine. For example, a wine festival such as fete du vin or village harvest festival. 

Difference Between Winery & Vineyard Tours

 People often assume that these are the same things but as a matter of fact they are not. A winery is a building which produces the wine, not all of these wineries will offer tastings. They will need a license for a building in order to produce the wine. Permits are necessary for a winery to take certain amount of people of wine tours on a yearly basis. This includes weddings and other functions. A vineyard is an area where the grapes are simply grown. It is crucial to have winery next to the vine yard. A vine yard business might be different than of a winery business. An owner of a vineyard will often sell grapes at the right time to a winery.

A tour will be different in vineyard as you will be guided thoroughly through it. You will have a chance to walk through the vineyard sometimes. You will learn the types of grapes and how they are harvested. A best Brewery tour services can also be classified as edutainment tour since it is very educational. There are many interesting factors to take into consideration. An owner will also use a winery for their own grapes, which means that they own the wine that they produce. This is something that people are taught on a tour of a vineyard.


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