The Dream Destinations to Visit in Summer 2021

 The Dream Destinations to Visit in Summer 2021

2020 was the year where international travel came to a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fast forward to 2021, and the restrictions have been eased throughout the world, but there is still uncertainty, and travel has only been opened to a handful of international countries. Many passionate tourists are pinning their hopes for summertime when travel will be open to multiple destinations across the world.

Today, people can still travel to a number of beautiful secluded destinations, but in many places, they have to be tested for Covid-19 and also stay for 14 days quarantine. If you want to travel to amazing places but still unsure about the destination, then KRB Travel can help you make the best choice.

Many potential tourists are still skeptical about making any traveling decisions and waiting for a few more months until summertime. But international travel will return to normalcy, and when it does, the rates of everything from airline tickets to accommodations will increase, seeing the sudden demand.

The best thing is to make a bucket list of travel goals and plans that may help you save considerable time and effort in the future. Some of the best places to visit in 2021 include

  • Antarctica

You may have seen the picturesque and stunning landscapes of Antarctica in many documentaries and movies. But the dream of visiting the most remote places on Earth is very much possible. Visiting the 7th continent is on the wish list of many traveling enthusiasts.

Antarctica is truly the most stunning place to be with snowy peaks, scenic locations, turquoise waters, and exotic wildlife. You will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the famous Emperor Penguin and Weddell Seals.

Many travelers are excited to visit the continent in December as a major event of Solar Eclipse will happen on December 4, 2021, and darken the icy continent for few minutes.

The cruise ship ‘Silversea Silver Cloud’ will depart on November 30, and you can get 10% if you book early because chances are if you wait for a few more months, then you will not be able to get a seat on the cruise ship.

  • New Zealand

The country that has always remained at the top spot when it comes to favorite tourist destinations is none other than ‘New Zealand.’ The country made headlines by becoming the first country without any active Covid-19 positive case.

The successful measures to contain the novel Coronavirus of New Zealand were applauded all across the world. The country is still not accepting travelers, but tourists will be allowed in a few months.

New Zealand is a fantastic place to visit with the incredible mountains, lakes, glaciers, and ice caves. The country is also famous for filming the popular Hollywood movie ‘Lord of the Rings’ in the place called ‘Hobbiton.’

Queenstown is another spectacular place to see with its narrow streets and lanes filled with restaurants and shops. You can go on kayaking and also learn about the Maori culture once you go to New Zealand.

  • Greece

The year 2021 is the year when Greece will be marking its 200th birthday. What better way to celebrate it than traveling to this scenic and serene wonderland. It is no secret that many people living in the northern part of Europe love to come to Greece to bask in the sun alongside the spectacular Mediterranean Sea.

The country is full of tourists in July and August, and if you want to avoid the crowds, then May and October are ideal for visiting Greece. The country has vast history and culture, and the natural landscape is just awe-inspiring. The most beautiful places to visit in Greece are Santorini, Greek Islands, Nafplio, and Crete.

  • Hawaii

One of the places that have recently seen an increasing amount of tourist activity is the island of Hawaii. The island is known for its gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. Hawaii is popular because of its incredible beaches and lush green grounds.

One of the tourist sights to see is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which drew quite an attention when Kilauea erupted. The favorite place for most travelers is Maui, with exquisite accommodation right beside the sprawling beach.

Maui is also home to cool tropical forests, Haleakala National Park, and Maui Ocean Center, where you can catch a glimpse of the elusive humpback whales.

  • Italy

When the news of Covid-19 was first making headlines across the world, Italy was struggling to counter the virus. The country was badly affected by the Coronavirus, and the tourist industry on which the country thrived came to a halt.

However, Italy was a few of the countries that were applauded to control the infection rate better than the rest of the European countries. But apart from the virus, nothing can take away the beauty and charm of Italy that has always been a dream destination of most people growing up.

The best places to go to in Italy include Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Naples, Capri, Florence, and Sorrento. The travel restriction has been extended to the start of May 2021, but tourists will probably get a chance to visit the beautiful country in the summer months.

Apart from Venice, the city on Water, the Italian Dolomites is the most serene place that you would surely not miss out on visiting.

  • Japan

Another country left in gloom due to the Covid-19 pandemic was Japan, as its ‘Tokyo’ was all set to host the prestigious Olympic Games 2020. However, the Olympic Games will commence this year from July 23, allowing travelers to pack their bags and witness an extravaganza of glitz and glamor.

The beautiful landscape, culture, food, and people are some of the things that make every traveler fall in love with Japan. Japan is also considered the safest place on Earth due to its low crime rate.

The cities to visit in Japan are Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, and Hokkaido. Okinawa is also known as the ‘Hawaii of Japan.’


With the good news of vaccinations giving positive results all across the world, travelers can have all the hope of making their traveling plans come true. However, the Covid-19 protocols will be in a place that includes testing, quarantine for 7 days, wearing a mask, sanitizing hands, and practicing social distancing.

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