The Beauty of Pristine Waters Beach Hopping in Mauritius

 The Beauty of Pristine Waters Beach Hopping in Mauritius

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1: Belle Mare Beach

Belle Mare, a popular beach, is located on the east coast of Mauritius, near the town of Mahebourg. It has long white sand and crystal blue waters with large casuarina trees. This island side is not so developed that leaves the spectator with its unspoiled, natural beauty other than a few opulent villas and luxury hotels. Discover the beautiful beach of Mauritius for a morning or evening walk by yourself and your partner. And if you like golf, then this is one of the best golf courses on the island. This is the place.

2. Bras d’Eau Public Beach

This is a small bay within the lagoon of Poste Lafayette with beautiful views of sunrise and sunset. When you’re interested in stars, this is also the best place in Mauritius to see the Milky Way at night. If not a quiet beach, finding the place here is simple. In addition to relaxing on the beach, adventurers can also enjoy parasailing on this beach.

3. Grand Baie Public Beach

Grand Baie is a popular beach and coastal village on the northern side of Mauritius. The colourful water in Mauritius attracts visitors during the day while the atmosphere in Mauritius shines at night. A few water activities such as sailing and surfing can be enjoyed here. The beach is safe to swim in the sea as well. If you plan to go hopping on the beach in Mauritius, some of the beaches close to Grand Baie can be added below.

4. Trou aux Biches

Beach hopping is incomplete in Mauritius unless you visit the lovely 2 km long Trou aux Biches Beach. This is a beautiful and family friendly beach. This beach in Mauritius is enhanced by the peaceful surroundings and the turquoise blue waters. There are a few resorts near the beach which provide great opportunities for accommodation.

5. Mont Choisy Beach

Mont Choisy is another place to hop on the beach of Mauritius. The long curved beach of Mont Choisy is located in the north-west part of Mauritius, from Pointe aux Canonniers to Pereyber public beach. One of Mauritius’ pristine beaches is a secluded spot, because there is not too much people there. Enjoy your loneliness as you relax at Mauritius’ lovely beach.

6. Blue Bay

Blue Bay Beach is known for its crystalline sea waters, as its name suggests. The beautiful white sand beach is often visited by couples and families on the southeast part of Mauritius. Blue Bay is known for its abundant natural beauty and is home to a number of aquatic flora and fauna species. There are also a number of beautiful villas in the southern part of the island near the beach. Snorkeling, scuba diving and of course glass-bottom boat tours are some of the best activities to enjoy here.

7. Gris Gris Beach

Another lovely beach, Gris Gris Beach, is located in the southern tip of Mauritius. The famous historic village of Souillac is just a few kilometres away. Gris Gris Beach has a great place to take spectacular photos and is popular for its sea cliffs and magnificent views. The current here is strong, so it is recommended that you not swim here. There are no water sports here for the same reason. One can walk long and enjoy the beautiful views of Gris Gris on white soft sand. It’s a wonderful picnic.

8. Le Morne Beach

You can easily cover 3 or 4 beaches in Mauritius during your beach hopping, but you should spend ample time in Le Morne and beach hopping, including in Mauritius. Le Morne is a bit far off other beaches. The beach is known for its picturesque beauties, surrounded by mountains. The crystal clear water and the mountains create a truly incredible environment. This beach is an ideal place to surf and snorkel in Mauritius.

Tips For Beach Hopping In Mauritius

Here are some useful tips for you before you go to Mauritius’ beaches.

  • Carry sunscreen, since the beaches are sunny, and during the beach hopping in Mauritius, you won’t want to catch sunburn.
  • In the second half of the day one can enjoy uncrowded swimming.
  • If you don’t hire a car, take a taxi to the bus that travels across the island if it is cheaper.
  • Check your location on the map before booking a resort and your distance from the airport and Mauritius’ best beaches.



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