Reasons behind the Rising Trend of Plastic Surgery

 Reasons behind the Rising Trend of Plastic Surgery

The acceptance of one’s body, body positivity and fat activism are all part of the cultural lexicon on a global scale. Yet, the number of cosmetic or plastic surgeries is rising steadily. According to the information from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a million more patients had cosmetic procedures in the past few years. Procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction have become particularly popular.

How can one learn to love himself or herself if you’re undergoing plastic surgery to smooth, or tuck a facet of your appearance? According to medical experts, it’s easier in several aspects including – physically, emotionally and financially.

But first of all, what is plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery

The word itself comes from a Greek word, plastikos, which means to mold or give form to. It’s a surgical specialty that deals with improving one’s appearance and the reconstruction of facial and body tissue defects like trauma, illness or birth disorders.

It involves surgery on any part of the body with the exception of the central nervous system including:

  •  Skin – skin cancer, tattoo removal, scars, burns and removal of birthmarks
  • Congenital anomalies – deformed ears or nose, cleft lip or palate
  • Maxillofacial – the facial skeleton

Why Are People Drifting Towards Plastic Surgery?

The trend of undergoing cosmetic surgery is still rising despite the many movements condemning these practices. But why is this, here are some reasons:

Age of Selfies

If we look back 10 years or 25 years, we rarely see pictures of ourselves, unless we’re at a special event like a wedding or a party. With the introduction of smartphones and the trend of selfies, we take thousands of pictures of ourselves, documenting every small detail. Because of this we pick out things on our appearance and are basically under scrutiny – by ourselves.

Doctors believe that another reason behind the increasing demand for rhinoplasty in Dubai is this selfie culture. As now people are more conscious about their looks, they want to get rid of any features that make them appear bad.


With the rise of social media, people share every hour of their lives on Instagram. They are more comfortable with posting their self-care rituals and pictures of themselves. This has led to people sharing about their experiences in encountering plastic surgery, doubling the number of patients in these clinics.

The new generation, who are unapologetic for the decisions they choose to make, are encouraging others to undergo these kinds of surgeries, which they were hesitant to do before, on fear of receiving backlash from their friends and family.

Procedures Are More Affordable

In the past, plastic surgeries were inaccessible to the general public, with their sky-high fees. Cosmetic surgeries, both procedures that are surgical and non-surgical have become more accessible to the public as well as more affordable. Unlike the past, now you can easily get coolsculpting in just a few hundred dollars.

Additionally, now, there are many financing options to choose from like medical credit cards, payment plans offered by the doctor’s offices and taking personal loans. Health insurance cannot always be used in this case as it only covers cosmetic procedures due to a medical reason, for example, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Technological Advancements

The procedures concerning cosmetic surgery continue to improve, becoming safer and more reliable every day. This includes instruments and products that doctors use on a daily basis for their patients.

Nonsurgical treatments are high on this list. Like the fact that laser surgery did not exist ten years ago or how Botox was the only line-smoothing neurotoxin in the market and currently there are three to four others lining the shelf. These improvements also help ease a patient’s own fears about the side effects these treatments may have, thus increasing the number of patients.

Better Health Benefits

Cosmetic surgeries are not always about appearance. Some procedures do benefit your health. For example Botox, aids with conditions such as excessive sweating and chronic migraines, major depression and even Bell’s palsy.

Women who have breast reduction procedures often find relief from back pains that were hanging with them their entire lives. It allows people who have undergone weightless surgeries to remove the extra skin left behind that may end up getting a severe infection. Likewise, procedures such as Coolsculpting in Dubai allow patients to get rid of those stubborn fat pockets that don’t go away through exercises or diets.

People Gain More Self-confidence

A top motivation to get plastic surgery these days is to ‘look as good as I feel’. This is consistent with both surgical as well as nonsurgical procedures. Human desires are still the same that we want to present the best version of ourselves and that usually includes our appearance.

We all have the right to feel good about ourselves and if you think that undergoing a procedure will make you feel good, go for it.


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