Popular Tourist Attractions in Lxtapa, Mexico

 Popular Tourist Attractions in Lxtapa, Mexico

Are you planning to visit Ixtapa but wondering about the tourist spots? Don’t worry, and this blog is all you need. Ixtapa (pronounced as Eesh-ta-pah) has a sister community called Zihuatanejo (shortened as Zihua, zee-wah by the locals and the tourists). Thought to be fraternal twins, close yet not identical. Ixtapa was created by the government on a huge coconut plantation in the 1970s and coupled with Zihuatanejo. 

Zihuatanejo is a coastal village prominently known for fishing and has branched out villas and hotels throughout the years. Most of the tourist attractions are water-oriented, i.e., you can snorkel, surf, fish, but the grand coast is the authentic flavor of life. 

What are the major tourist attractions in Ixtapa?

Check out the list of tourist attractions in Mexico.

  • Downtown Zihua 

The main beach in the centre of Zihuatanejo is called La Playa Municipal. Book Frontier Airlines Book a Flight for the cheapest deals. It is the home to the fishermen and fishing fleet of the town. Outside the beach, there is an attention gobbling place called cobblestone streets, which was once a village but presently a town, possessing cafes and boutiques, offering Mexican crafts, textiles, clothing, and nearby mountain grown coffees. The food and craft market, popularly known as Mercado Municipal, is situated at Avenida Benito Juarez. 

  • Beaches

The beaches overlay the naturally occurring bay that brushes north and south of the twin communities present various magical experiences. Isla Ixtapa is a tiny island right off the coast and is famed for its snorkeling and four beaches. Not to mention the open-air cafes catering to the daytrippers. Water taxis departing from Playa Linda Pier in Ixtapa and the main pier in Zihua. Playa Las Gatas draws families because the waters are protected from strong currents by an offshore coral reef, which also makes Las Gatas a popular snorkeling destination. Playa La Ropa, with its vast arc of sand, is one of the area’s most attractive beaches, attracting tourists at twilight to watch the sun sink into the Pacific.

  • Escapes 

If you are wondering how the coastline in Guerrero looked before it became a prominent tourist spot, you can not miss visiting Troncones, 21 miles north of the Ixtapa resort area. It’s a surfing beach located in a small village along the coastal highway. Whereas Barra de Potosi, situated at the south of the small town of San Jeronimo, is a sand spit and resides small fishing vessels. The Playa Blanca is excellent for horseback riding and outdoor cafes serving grilled seafood. 

  • El Refugio de Potosi 

This park was inaugurated in 2009 near Playa Blanca, on Barra de Potosi. It aims at preserving the ecosystem. The sanctuary possesses displays of the botanic, exhibits reptiles and insects, macaw roosts, inhabitants of the iguanas, and feed stations of the hummingbirds. You can also watch the wildlife within the lagoon via observation towers and trails. Interestingly, a butterfly pavilion can draw upto 70 species of butterfly that live in the same region. 

  • Archaeological Museums

You can find the local treasure at the small stone building at the border of the seawall in Zihuatanejo. The Archaeological museums at the Grand Coast- houses display the ancient objects found in the area, added up with maps and displays elaborating the coastal region history from the pre-Colombian – Colonial times. 

Discover the Best Activities in Ixtapa, Mexico

Given below is the list of activities you can not avoid if you are in Ixtapa, Mexico. 

  • Cultural events 

Ixtapa offers cultural events celebrating the community’s fishing and surfing culture and utter interest in food irrespective of the seasons. For example, the International Body Surf Contest is held at Las Escolleras Beach in April and the national cheerleaders contest in May. At the end of May, you can experience the Televisa Sports International Triathlon in Ixtapa Boulevard and so on. 

  • Surfing 

There is a favorable surfing environment throughout the year due to its tropical climate. The beach’s warm waters make it excellent for those who do not wish to surf with a wet suit. You do not have to hassle about the surf shops, rental boards, and surf instructions as they are all centered within the same beach area. There are various water activities at the Playa Escolleras like boogie boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. 

  • Discos and Bars 

There are different discos and bars at Ixtapa as per different moods; some are full of life, whereas some are relaxed. However, one thing is common amongst all, i.e., the sophistication and the romanticism of Ixtapa. One of the most famous bars come dance clubs is Kopado’s Musical Bar in Ixtapa. It holds several events year-round, special drinks throughout the week, and live entertainment. 

  • Birdwatching 

Ixtapa is a dream destination for bird watchers. Because of its rich diversity, the tourists can hear the songs of different bird species. One of the bird sanctuaries is held at one of its golf courses as a part of community commitment to ecological preservation. Looking for some enticing deals on flights for your next vacation? Keep an eagle eye on the offers featured by the airline to not miss out on some fantastic deals. Book now without putting extra stress on your wallet or regret later. Book your flight with ease on Alaska airlines booking  to any of your top domestic or foreign destinations.


Through this article’s medium, we hope through this article’s medium we could help you figure out the best tourist destination in Ixtapa, Mexico. Tourist spots like Downtown, beaches, escapes, El Refugio de Potosi, and Archaeological museums followed by fun activities such as cultural events, surfing, Discos and Bars, Birdwatching. We hope you are no more confused about where to visit once you reach Ixpata, Mexico. 

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