Popular Tourist Attractions in Lxtapa, Mexico

 Popular Tourist Attractions in Lxtapa, Mexico

Are you planning to visit Ixtapa but wondering about the tourist spots? Don’t worry, and this blog is all you need. Ixtapa (pronounced as Eesh-ta-pah) has a sister community called Zihuatanejo (shortened as Zihua, zee-wah by the locals and the tourists). Thought to be fraternal twins, close yet not identical. Ixtapa was created by the government on a huge coconut plantation in the 1970s and coupled with Zihuatanejo. 

Zihuatanejo is a coastal village prominently known for fishing and has branched out villas and hotels throughout the years. Most of the tourist attractions are water-oriented, i.e., you can snorkel, surf, fish, but the grand coast is the authentic flavor of life. 

What are the major tourist attractions in Ixtapa?

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  • Downtown Zihua 

The main beach in the centre of Zihuatanejo is called La Playa Municipal. Book Frontier Airlines Book a Flight for the cheapest deals. It is the home to the fishermen and fishing fleet of the town. Outside the beach, there is an attention gobbling place called cobblestone streets, which was once a village but presently a town, possessing cafes and boutiques, offering Mexican crafts, textiles, clothing, and nearby mountain grown coffees. The food and craft market, popularly known as Mercado Municipal, is situated at Avenida Benito Juarez. 

  • Beaches

The beaches overlay the naturally occurring bay that brushes north and south of the twin communities present various magical experiences. Isla Ixtapa is a tiny island right off the coast and is famed for its snorkeling and four beaches. Not to mention the open-air cafes catering to the daytrippers. Water taxis departing from Playa Linda Pier in Ixtapa and the main pier in Zihua. Playa Las Gatas draws families bec