Oil-Based Vs Alcohol-Based Perfumes – Which is Better?

 Oil-Based Vs Alcohol-Based Perfumes – Which is Better?

 With hundreds and thousands of different perfumes available in the market, choosing the right one isn’t an easy task. The ever-growing range of fragrances has made the process of picking the best one, especially for those looking for their first signature scents, very overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a new perfume, remember that your first choice in choosing a fragrance should be between alcohol-based and oil-based perfumes. In order to make a better and more informed decision, it’s important that you know the pros and cons of both.

Oil-based Perfumes

The perfume market is divided into two segments: advocates for oil perfumes and advocates for alcohol-based perfumes. If we talk about the former, they claim oil-based perfumes to be better because they are natural. Truth be told, fragrance oils are purely natural oils. Therefore, if you’re only about getting natural products, you know what to get.

Oil fragrances are more long-lasting than their counterparts. This is because alcohol is very volatile, so it evaporates instantly. Moreover, natural oils don’t break down quickly, which is why their fragrance remains.

Another amazing benefit of oil-based fragrances is the comfort and the great feel they provide, along with their nice smell. Almost all the good-quality moisturisers are made of essential oils. Conversely, alcohol takes all the moisture away, as soon as it evaporates, which causes dryness and irritation.

Lastly, oil-based perfumes are generally more expensive, as compared to alcohol-based fragrances. This is because perfume-making companies need to utilise all the purest oils to create that amazing aroma, and these oils aren’t easy to procure. This can be noted as a catch for oil-based perfumes.

Alcohol-Based Perfumes

Although the alcohol-based scents don’t provide the organic and natural feel, they’re equally great, in terms of scents, as the oil-based perfumes. The best part of alcohol-based perfumes is the wide variety of products available in the market. This allows for all the choosy and picky customers to choose from a bigger range of options, which they won’t have in the case of oil-based products. You can find an alcohol-based perfume for any personality, mood, or preference. Whether you’re looking for a fragrance that’s best for a summer outdoor beach party, or a formal night event, you’ll get anything.

Though alcohol is responsible for drying out the skin, you don’t use perfumes for your skincare routine. In fact, you can mix the alcohol-based perfume with a moisturiser to get the same hydrating effect.

Since Alcohol evaporates, it diffuses fragrance into the air, which is why you can enjoy its perks even after applying a little bit of it. On the other hand, oil-based perfumes need to be applied relatively more to get a similar impact.

Finally, alcohol-based perfumes are flammable. However, you’re away from any danger if you’re not exposing your perfume bottle to a naked flame.


All said and done, it all comes down to personal preference. You can weigh all the pros and cons discussed above to make a decision for yourself. If you’re looking for a bigger range of products to choose from, alcohol-based fragrances will be the right group for you. However, if you’re more about being organic, and keeping all that you do natural, you would be more inclined towards oil-based fragrances.

Also, if you’ve mostly used alcohol-based fragrances, it’s better to try the oil-based ones, and vice versa. Change is always good, and the new scents can surprise you. In this perfume-war, there’s no clear winner because both oil-based and alcohol-based smell amazing, and have their ups and downs.

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