Leather Jackets And The Art of Wearing

 Leather Jackets And The Art of Wearing

In this contemporary world of clothing, leather garments have influenced the fashion world by trying a new style that became trendy.

When people wanted and gotten their inventive ideas onward to look like their favorite celebrities or dress something they wore but didn’t have enough money to buy lavish leather outerwear, it was a sad picture. That’s what Leather Jackets NZ came into existence. We then decide to take things to next level by bringing in leather jackets at an affordable price.

There are many types of jackets made from leather and to be specific it’s a universe within itself. You will find hundreds of variations that contain retro leather jackets, bomber jackets, designer leather jackets, coats, vests, and much more.

A well designed and carefully stitched jacket can make you look sassy and classy while riding on a bike. If you are looking for a jacket for then a classical biker and distressed café racer jacket is a must-have in your closet. Biker leather jackets are not only limited to bikers but anyone can wear them.

Biker typically wears a classical biker jacket when going for a ride. They are requiring to cover-up their body as protective gear, as leather is most suitable for this reason. In today’s market, the prices of biker jackets are rising. But there are also many retailers that are not only offering jackets at reasonable prices without compromising the quality.

Before getting one, you must know the advantage of wearing a biker jacket. You’ll discover diverse styles of men’s leather jackets. What is really evident about this outerwear is its sassy and classy look.

How to Dress in Brown Distressed Leather Jacket

Gone are the days when Black is the only color that exists for men’s motorcycle jacket. Now everyone loves to wear a different color. Thanks to tanners who worked hard to drive various colors like, dark brown, tan, red, and many more.

Distressed café race or biker leather jacket can be worn with jeans, casual t-shirts, or informal shirts. Here we see exemplary outfitted up in a casual way that includes a brown distressed jacket with quilted shoulders, a casual white t-shirt, and black jeans.

This is one of the many examples to provide you an idea about wearing a biker jacket. To enjoy a worthy and safe ride, prefer a classical or cafe racer leather jacket that is created in a variety of styles and colors. These jackets are not just any outerwear to complete your look, but also act as protective gear to wear during your ride or traveling.

Now let’s dive into the looks, these café racers or biker jackets come in different colors and designs. A few we have discussed above. Typically biker’s jackets come in Tan, Black, or Brown colors, but there is also a vast variety of colors available like red, green, white, light brown, and more. Just like variation in colors, there is variation in styles like slim fit, Asymmetrical, single-breasted, double-breasted, and more.

Women Love to Wear Leather Jackets

A long time ago leather jackets are considered to be men’s wear. But in modern times women loves to wear leather jackets and in fact, there are more design and types of the jacket are available for women than men.

There are some designs that have become very common amongst ladies who love leather jackets.

The biker is the classic design for the rather rough-looking bikers. They are more of a protective piece of clothing than a fashion item, so you will see every biker donning it. The combination of fashion and functionality of this biker design of leather jacket makes it very attractive; it is not only worn by bikers alone. It has been padded all around to prevent it from causing injuries to bikers when they are on their bikes and come in the regular conservative colors as well as the fancy colors.

The blazer is very comfortable and is long enough to cover your hips. It comes with or without cuffs and has different designs as well. Some may be rather free and loose-fitting and some may fit more snugly. Some come with a belt, and others are double-breasted to give it that edge. They are great gift items for anyone you know who loves leather jackets. With the snug designs, this design of women’s leather jackets has gained a lot of popularity.

Did you know that the aviator design was first made for use by pilots? They are also known as bomber jackets and they have a very comfortable fit around the waist. With hipsters and tight-fitting jeans being fashionable, it is a perfect combo when you want to look chic and fresh. They come with a cuff and you can slightly change its design by fastening the collar on your shoulder seam. They may have a hood or not and maybe fleeced as well. They are perfect for the cold weather since they are also padded to give it the right weight. With the tens of sizes, you can choose whatever fits you and go with it.


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