Kedarkantha – Best Winter Trek

 Kedarkantha – Best Winter Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is one of the best-known winter treks in Uttarakhand, because of its relative ease, it is a delight of trekker and rookie rite. This tour, covered in sparkling snow during the winter, offers a wonderful view of the majestic peaks of the Himalayas. It also gives hikers a unique chance to learn about life in the distant villages in dead winter!

The Kedarkantha Trek offers you the unprecedented beauté of the villages, beautiful panoramas, snow paths, spectacular scenery, beautiful lakes, mountains, quiet rivers, and awe-inspiring peaks in the Himalayas. The Kedarkantha tour also gives you a great chance to experience the picturesque beauty and life in remote Uttarakhand Himalayas villages.

Kedarkantha Trek is based in Western Garhwal in the District of Uttarakashi and is known as one of the easy treks in the country for people experienced in trekking and without prior knowledge. But you need physical fitness if you are able to jump for at least 4 kilometers in 30 minutes before you start your walking tour. When the altitude is rising, the air gets thin and people also need to take backpacks, all of which without proper fitness can be very difficult.

Trekking in Uttarakhand is always a pleasure because of its beauty and natural panoramic views which are not suitable for any other country destination. But the snow treks in Kedarkantha inspire all the trekkers among all the fascinating locations and exciting trekking sites that are available. Actually, it has many reasons to be such a great trek that it is so popular amongst those that are enthusiastic. The first reason is the snow available to make it one of the best winter hiking destinations of all by the end of April. What’s left to see the beautiful snow on the base of the pine trees at an altitude of just 10,000 feet.

The next reason for its popularity is the beautiful campsites, where every site is unique and is unparalleled by the beauty of any other campsite. Another beauty of this trek is that it begins from a dense pine forest, where the trekking trail walks on the brown dried leaves to create an unparalleled experience and a magnificent view. Finally but not least, the splendid jaw breathes a breathtaking view of the famous snow-clapped highlands that appear when one steps into the base of Kedarkantha, and every single step into the summit is more wonderful. Throughout the whole trekking tour, the destination is very attractive to millions of visitors throughout the year.

About the trek

Although Kedarkantha can be done almost throughout the year, it cannot be compared to the summer times to give you an aspiring view in the winter months from December to April. The snow-clapped walking and snow buckets at the base of the pine trees are a fascinating beauty to taste and only remain in the winter. The winter months are actually a time of joy for the locals and during this time, they enjoy a number of festivals. However, the time for trekking on this trail should better avoid the monsoon.

Starting in Dehradun city, the trip towards the beautiful Kedarkantha peak begins. It takes about 10 hours from Dehradun to reach Sankri at an altitude of 6400 pieds. The distance from Dehradun is about 220 km. From Sankri to Jadu Ka Talab the next day begins a hike which takes you approximately 5 minutes to reach the destination and is located at 9100 feet. You will experience the beauty of luxuriant pastures, dense pine woods, waterfalls, and magnificent shrubs during this trail. Here’s the first campsite to stay in the tents for trekkers. The next day, one has to trek from Jadu ka Talab to a base at 11.250 feet, which again takes about 4.5 km to Kedarkantha. On this path, the trekkers pass through lush wetlands and see several snow-covered peaks that stand tall around the place for the first time.

The next destination is to reach the Kedarkantha peak at 12,500 feet and compared to others, this route can be quite difficult. However with a breathtaking view, the views of the Himalayas make it possible for every work to be done. When the top is conquered it is a way back to Camp Horegaon at a height of 8900 feet and the first stop could be attained on the same day. The following day it’s a trail through dense pine trees back to Sankri. It is a journey back to and from Sankri to Dehradun.

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