How to Improve Style Statement Using Your Intuition?

 How to Improve Style Statement Using Your Intuition?

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry and so is your personal style. You just have to pour in some thought and effort. You can try a bunch of different styles trending in the fashion world. But which style truly speaks to you? That’s the one where your fashion intuition meets your signature style. And you should hold on to that firmly!

We all are trying to master our own personal take on fashion. And a handful of tips to hone it are like a breath of fresh air. While exploring dresses in the USA using Spectrum internet, I figured out how women from different parts of the world are slaying various styles. Whenever I see a woman carrying a dress stylishly and not just following the so-called current fashion trends, I admire the fact that she has recognized her comfort and personal style. She has honed her wardrobe around her preferences. And that’s how it works.

We have tried to nail down steps to discovering your own particular look that enhances your most stylish self. So here goes…

Seek Inspiration

Don’t fool yourself by finding a fashion icon to define your personal style. Because chances of finding a celeb or a style icon to match your style are very low. You can be a mix of Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, and Victoria Beckham. But sticking to one person’s style is not you. You can sure seek inspiration on Pinterest and other social media forums. Search your favorite fashionistas and save the images of their best looks. Let your inner fashion diva speak and see where you gravitate.

You will see that this practice will make you like different things from different people. That’s your preference and sense speaking. Let it speak and you will be able to define your signature styles.  browsing several sources and people will help you figure out your likes and dislikes.

Experiment with Constant Novelty  

If you are intuitive, you can improve your style by constantly challenging yourself to come up with new ideas and create new outfits. You can do this from your existing wardrobe. Rather than wearing the same outfit pieces time and again, try and come up with new combos. This will boost your style sense and you will end up pairing novel outfits together. Surprising color contrasts, which are not conventionally put together is one instance.

Intuitive dressers are moody dressers. So, you will make sure, every time you open your closet to try something fun and unique. You will also end up discovering styles and cuts, which suit your body and aesthetics more. Your internal guide will encourage you to try more future possibilities.

Shop Smarter

Since we are talking about people with intuition here, shopping can get a little tricky. We don’t want you to end up buying something with a fleeting mood and later regret it. We don’t want moody dressers to be moody shoppers too. You have to be smart when it comes to spending. So, before you go shopping, it is recommended that you revisit your favorite looks you saved from Pinterest and Instagram. And to create those admirable looks, jot down the specific items you need to get your hand on.

Making a list may sound funny but it is the best way to go around shopping. Sticking to the list will keep your temptations to make impulsive purchases at bay. Just focus on filling the holes in your wardrobe and we promise that you will end up building a great selection of outfits.

Clean Up and Clean Out

We have already talked about experimenting with your existing wardrobe. Before you get tempted to do a complete wardrobe overhaul, take some time to scrutinize your closet. Keep the pieces you plan to wear in different combos and toss whatever you haven’t worn in a year. Rebuild and refine your closet with your brand new style intuition. To adjust and think about your newly shopped pieces, it’s important to let go of those you are done with.

Also, it will help you increase the donation pile.

Consider Your Goals and Lifestyle

It’s important that your wardrobe reflects your life and career. A perfect wardrobe is one that is tailored according to your vision, creativity, and lifestyle. Every person has his own distinct persona.

And when we talk about intuitive style, it’s that persona that we are presenting to the world. but everything is fine when it is done right. Don’t go overboard with the “reflecting the personality” theory. Your outfit choice should essentially make sense to your job role and the field you work in. It should also be aligned with your overall lifestyle and goals. Think of adding some smart, appropriate, and sharp professional pieces.

I can speak for myself. Since I work as a graphic designer in a big fashion house, my work environment is rather adjusting. I can wear my Pakistani designer suits or knits and jeans and they look just all right. Make your professional clothing decisions according to your field.

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