How Face Mask Save Our Life From COVID-19

 How Face Mask Save Our Life From COVID-19

Last Friday night, I was sitting on the sofa outside the building, enjoying the warm weather and a glass of red wine. On my left, a couple approached, and as they walked along with the steps of the building, his hands wrapped her with confidence. When my eyes noticed her nose, mouth, and chin covered with a white cloth. Just an inch away, her friend’s face was standing on a thin straw, and his mouth was very annoyed when he saw the dog sitting under my feet. Before I finished the wine glass, I saw three other pairs, and it was difficult for a woman to wear masks alone.

If you suspect that there are more women with hijabs than men, you are right. A recent study found that although men are more susceptible to coronavirus, they are less likely to wear masks than men. the coronavirus disease killed 17,000 people, and men are dying of COVID-19, which is twice the number of women. However, if living in another world with Y chromosomes makes you invincible, walking around will not be surprised.

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In recent weeks, there have been many articles about why men don’t wear masks. It is creepy (a.k.a. e-MASK regulation), exhibits weakness, and despises a disease that has killed more than 100,000 alone. A few weeks ago, actress Rosie Perez (Rosie Perez), director Andrew Cuomo (Andrew Cuomo), and comedian Chris Rock (Chris Rock) announced a new PSA program that encourages Teens to test themselves for COVID-19 and wear masks. Perez said that the young man she had seen near Brooklyn walked towards the mask. She said: “I see Hipster and Yuppies looking around.” “What, arrogance? Do you think you will not be in this? Okay, okay, but you are also affecting me, I really don’t understand.”

Of course, you don’t have to have a doctorate. For sex education, imagine that if a free world leader refuses to wear the wrong mask, others might follow suit. (As Jared Kushner seems to do, even though his wife Ivanka Trump and their children often wear valentine’s day face mask. Just ask why any capable adult should choose not to take this simple step in a global disaster. What is even more confusing is why one does not wear it when a partner chooses to wear it.


The science is piling up: Wearing masks slows virus, reduces COVID-19 deaths – Sterling Journal-Advocate

Imagine you are that couple and went to my house last Friday night. A passing woman releases a cough and drops the virus on you. Two members of the couple, wearing a mask, and neither of them will fall off?

unnecessary. He said: “Wearing a mask (clothing) should not protect the person from getting the virus, but to prevent others from getting the virus from you.” Susan Pincus, a family medicine doctor in New York City, told me. Some similar masks are protected…maybe 20%. “I also talked to the doctor. Stephanie Sterling, the head of infectious diseases at New York Langen Hospital in Brooklyn, New York University, confirmed to me that although those who do not wear masks “are at increased risk of contracting [coronavirus]… The purpose of masks is to prevent [spreading it to others”.

Nevertheless, even reducing the risk by 20% is very important to protect your loved ones. He pointed out: “If we are talking about a couple, then you will definitely be in a position to share saliva.” Sterling. This is not your friend who travels long distances once a week. “If one of the couples becomes ill, the possibility of the other hit is high.”

Before judging any friend with an empty face, Dr. Sterling pointed out: “In some cases, if someone has difficulty breathing, a person does not need to wear a mask… The man in this relationship has asthma, so obviously, nothing happened.”

Doctor Pincus is harsh on masks or other masks, especially when their partners ask them to wear masks. She told me: “They show you that you don’t care because go out with other people who don’t wear a mask.” “If you see a couple walking one is wearing a mask and the other doesn’t, it’s just one person has a social responsibility to the other.”


Face Mask Save Our Life

The actual impact on the human brain may be by major differences in interpersonal relationships, especially to pre-existing tensions. Let’s face it, discuss masks day after day, while equally isolating. The idea that no one is not a tourist, but this is a serious problem that many people face now.

Ellen Yom, a psychologist in Brooklyn and LCSW who specializes in couples therapy, told me. “One misunderstanding is that one partner does not wear. A headscarf while the other partner will cause emotional separation.  And one or two partners may feel misunderstood or unheard of. Wearing a mask can make you feel lonely and helpless, which can lead to feelings of anxiety, despair, sadness, and/or anger.”

Yom suggests that couples who have different opinions on wearing masks. “discuss these differences and discuss cooperation plans for when and where to wear masks. ” But what happens when these negotiations fail?

Colleen of Illinois admitted to me on Twitter DM. “The mask problem is not the main reason for our bankruptcy, but it is the reason for this situation. ” She added: “The spread and the way he spread made me study The part of the personality that I had overlooked before. He didn’t want to easily harm the interests of others… which made me ask if I wanted someone like this for a long time.”

For those with previous conditions, this may be more difficult. An Indiana woman who said not to be told me. “Even though I am often sick and in danger. My husband refuses to wear it. he gave me was because he didn’t want to wear it.” I was really thinking about it. Divorce is as selfish. I have overcome the feeling of injury and betrayal, and now I am angry, angry. At the end of the day, but when I go to the store.  I feel so stupid, and I only have a face, but I don’t.


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