Guide to Picking the Perfect Eames Lounge Chair

 Guide to Picking the Perfect Eames Lounge Chair

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Lounge chairs were meant for serious reading; people half a century ago would spend hours immersed in a good book, reading for days or weeks. As such, these chairs had to be especially comfortable for very long sessions.

Why you should get an Eames Lounge Chair

Despite the general slouchiness of best eames chair replica, the Eames was designed by Charles and Ray Eames (no relation), the father-and-son team who pioneered the use of planks of wood and cork to create furniture. Known for their high-quality design, and inventing the name “Concrete” for a joint product (called “Concrete Forms”), the Eames family has been around since the mid-1900s and was recognized as “artists, sculptors, architects, furniture designers, filmmakers, and industrial designers” by Time in 2010. The Eames are largely known for iconic pieces like the teak lounge chair of the 1940s, as well as the visual language of their TV commercials and catalogs.

What to look for when picking a lounge chair

“That’s the one,” your dad’s friend said when you were 14 and he handed you his ancient Coleman recliner in exchange for your old Chevy Camaro. The Coleman recliner was comfy, had a nice, fat cushion, and reclined nearly flat, like a throne. That same friend once hired a limo to take him for a day trip, and he reclined in the back of the limo and slept for the entire day. But even this luxurious ride paled in comparison to the beautiful chair sitting outside your kitchen window: an Eames lounge chair.

How to make a space for your new lounge chair

We can’t stress this enough: every Eames Lounge Chair is special in its own way. What’s more, there are plenty of options to choose from, all suited to your personality and style. Eames chairs have a strong appeal for modern design enthusiasts because they have a classy appeal for a luxurious feel. With stylish designs, their timeless design and elegant appearance, they can be placed anywhere, turning even the most hectic of spaces into a relaxing space. Need more convincing? Here’s what you should know: Below are the questions that you should ask yourself when you’re choosing the best one for you: Is your budget within reach? Most people overestimate their budget for Eames chairs.

Choose the perfect color for your new lounge chair

Though many people think of the iconic Eames lounge chair as a white vinyl sofa, this iconic design was designed as a black/white combination. In fact, just like the fabric on a retro trailer, designers liked the look of a black accent chair. While there are times when a black accent chair works, most people would prefer a white one. This is because a white accent chair provides a clean look and can visually break up the space. Choosing the right height for your chair Your feet should always stay within arm’s reach of your lounge chair. Elevated lounges and chaise lounges offer the opportunity to sit in comfort without your feet dangling or your back pushing against the arms of the chair.


The eames lounge chair knock off is the standard-bearer of modernist chair design. With his simple lines and elegant, streamlined proportions, Charles and Ray Eames produced the most comfortable furniture ever.

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