From Indian To Western Every Type Of Women’s Shoes

 From Indian To Western Every Type Of Women’s Shoes

Women love to buy a variety of shoes. With the rising demand for fashionable shoes, many footwear brands are bringing in new styles every year.

So if you love shoes, know the most popular types of footwear you can buy.

Categories of Footwear In India

There are two different categories of footwear in India and they are ethnic and western.

Ethnic footwear– In the ethnic footwear category, you will find all the traditional flats, slippers and juttis. You can wear this footwear with ethnic outfits such as sarees, long skirts, lehengas and churidars.

Western footwear– Shoes that are great with western outfits are western footwear. These are stilettos, pumps, ballerina and lots more.

You can buy both types of shoes online from the repeat shoe brands.

Types Of Footwear For Ladies (Ethnic)

Slippers and flats- You can wear a stylish flat or slipper with any kind of ethnic dress. For example sarees look great ethnic flats in the simple design and beautiful colours. Some brands have their embellished flats for gorgeous ethnic dresses.

Juttis- No ethnic shoe category can be complete without juttis. They are vibrant, fashionable and very much suitable for almost every type of ethnic trend. You can carry them comfortably with salwars, churidars, kurtis and long skirts.

Kolhapuri chappals- If you love ethnic footwear for ladies, you will love kolhapuri chappals. This is the most famous type of ethnic footwear for women. Kolhapuri chappals are simple, classy and very comfortable for everyday use. From smaller brands to designer brands of ethnic footwear for ladies, kolhapuri is a type of shoe you cannot miss to wear.

Type Of Footwear For Ladies (Western)

Pump shoes- These are great casual shoes for girls and young ladies. Pumps look great with dresses and skirts. You can get a flexible pair of pumps in different vibrant colours that you can wear matching with clothes.

Stilettos- This is an epic style of shoe that gives a glamorous look to your entire attire. Stilettos have high heels that look attractive with short dresses and party wear. But when you wear a stiletto, you should be confident with yourself.

Wedges- Shoes with wedge heels have been in fashion for quite a long time. They are great for people who do not like pointed heels. You can get different heights of wedges. This type of high heels looks perfect with any type of western or Indo-western outfits.

Ballerinas- Ballet flats are the most popular choice among women when it comes to classic western footwear. Inspired by ballet shoes, these flats are perfect for comfort and style statement.

Loafers- Loafers for women is a perfect choice if you love comfort and elegance. You can wear loafers to formal places with a smart looking professional outfit. Loafers come in different materials depending on the budget.

Sneakers- Sneakers are good for daily use. They go well with casual outfits. Both western and fusion style dresses look fine with sneakers. Stylish sneakers are an excellent choice for daily wear and you can carry them in any season.

Open toe sandals- For a simple and sleek look, open toe sandals are the best choice for you. You can carry them with skirts, jeans and even formal wear.

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While buying footwear online for women, make sure you keep in mind the knowledge of fine quality materials and the brand. Not all brands are great for every type of shoe. Some brands are great for ethnic footwear. Some are known for their western shoes.

Before you plan to buy a pair of shoes for women, you have to make a list of the style you love and requirements.


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