Everything You Need To Know About Oregano Oil

 Everything You Need To Know About Oregano Oil

Italian cuisine lovers aren’t unfamiliar with an essential herb called oregano. Oregano plants are native residents of the European, Asian, and Meditteranean regions. The concentrated extract from the leaves and the shoots of the plant is called oregano oil. The extraction procedure is called steam distillation. This oil has anti-oxidizing properties. It also has compounds that act for the betterment of health.

Research shows that none should consume any essential oil. However, oregano oil is an exception in this case. Is oregano oil edible? Yes, it is. The oregano oil benefits occur at both consumption and appliance on the skin. Interestingly, you can’t use oregano oil in cooking.

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What is the relation between oregano oil and the pandemic?

According to medical professionals, oregano oil can combat cold and flu. However, no study shows that oregano oil can prevent you from the coronavirus. Only a few handpicked clues affirm that oregano oil can fight against similar viruses.

We all know about the benefits of preventive measures like hand sanitization during the epidemic. Now, we will let you know about a better remedy.

  • The benefits of antioxidants are wholesome. Right from common health issues to chronic illnesses, it can aid in curing it all. It will keep your overall health in check. And studies show that healthy people are less likely to catch the coronavirus.
  • Cytokines are responsible for the fatal complications that might happen at the later phase of the infection caused by the virus. Cytokines create inflammation in the body. Since oregano oil has anti-inflammatory attributes, it can reduce the inflammatory havoc in the body.
  • Severely high blood pressure and heart ailments are some of the most life-threatening risk factors in covid affected patients. It has also come to notice that the affected patients are more prone to heart attacks. Oregano oil helps in this by keeping the triglyceride level in check.

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The inclusion of oregano oil and the usage of face masks in day-to-day life will help you in this battle against the newest member of the enveloped virus family.

What are the components of oregano oil?

  • The first and the most needed component is Carvacrol. It heals tumors. A boon for patients diagnosed with tumors and looking for a way to fight it.
  • The second component is Thymol. It helps in strengthening the immune system. So, for all those who want to boost their immunity to scrape away the coronavirus, here is your remedy.
  • The third component is Rosmarinic acid. It helps all those who suffer from various allergies.
  • Oregano oil kills bacteria through the fourth component called Terpenes.
  • The last component is called Naringin. If you consume oregano oil, then this component will help you stay away from any growth of cancerous cells in your body.

The presence of these components shows that you can use oregano oil as a natural antibiotic.

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How to use oregano oil?

  • You can consume oregano oil in the form of a supplemental pill. You can take it as an oral capsule. Also, you can cut it open and apply it to your skin.
  • Oregano oil also comes into the market in liquid form as it is an extensively concentrated type of essential oil.
  • You can also inhale the oregano oil in vapor form. How to do it? Take a bowl of boiling water, put a few drops of oregano oil in it, and inhale the steam coming out from it.

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Is oregano oil safe during pregnancy?

Research shows that usage of oregano oil during pregnancy isn’t safe. It doesn’t matter if you take it in oral form or topical form. Take it at your own risk because it can induce premature birth caused by preterm labor.

Side-effects of oregano oil if you use it during pregnancy –

  • Are you ready to bear allergic reactions? No, right? So, never consume oregano oil with mint, lavender, and basil during your pregnancy period.
  • Avoid a sudden, abrupt drop in your blood sugar level by avoiding oregano oil during pregnancy. Its consumption during this time will counter-attack against all the benefits of oregano oil.
  • Do you suffer from any bleeding disorder? Do you take medicines for blood clotting? If yes, then stay away from oregano oil.

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Should you use oregano oil for fungal infection?

  • Yeasts cause an infection called Candidiasis. You can use oregano oil to cure it.
  • Both internal infection and external infection can be highly lethal if you don’t treat them at the right time. Two such infections are toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

What are the gut health benefits of oregano oil?

Do you know the symptoms caused by gut parasites?

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach bloating
  • Intense pain

Oregano oil will help you deal with these symptoms. Alongside this, it will help you lessen your tiredness that comes in because of the symptoms.

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Oregano oil and weight loss –

If you consume a diet with high-fat content along with carvacrol, then you wouldn’t gain excess weight. Scientists did this experiment on mice. Oregano oil helps in the reduction of the formation and rapid growth of fat cells.

Add a pinch of oregano oil to your diet to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Other benefits of oregano oil –

1. What are the oregano oil benefits for the lungs?

It cures sinus, common cough, and bronchitis.

2. Are you looking for relief from menstrual cramps?

Add oregano oil into a chamomile tea to witness this magical cure.

3. What are the benefits of oregano oil on hair?

If you keep your hair in good condition, then you would not be struggling to hide its poor state while going out. Now, you must be wondering how to keep it clean and fresh. Use oregano oil for this. In the next section, we will tell you about the benefits of oregano oil for your hair.

While we grow up, we experience changes in our bodies. There is a similar case with our hair. From hair fall to dandruff, we go through all kinds of hair turmoil. By now, you must have tried all brands of shampoos and conditioners while trying to find the perfect cure.

  • It helps in the removal of dandruff because it fights against bacteria. How do you use it? There are two ways to use it.
  • One, you can mix the oil with the shampoo you use and apply it to your scalp. Secondly, you can mix the oil with coconut oil and apply it to your scalp. In both cases, you have to rinse it off by washing your hair properly.
  • It helps the hair to grow faster because of the presence of antioxidants in it. Take oregano oil and massage iron your scalp.
  • If possible, you can mix the oregano oil with olive oil and coconut oil to get more silky and shiny hair. Keep the oil on your scalp for half an hour. After that, use a shampoo that suits your hair type to rinse it off.
  • It helps the hair not get knotted easily. Honestly speaking, you must have faced the difficulty of removing the knots in your hair without breaking your hair strands. Right?
  • If you use oregano oil daily as a massage oil, then we assure you that your hair will become strong enough to sustain the knots without getting broken away from the scalp.
  • Helps in getting rid of lice. It also helps in healing the scalp if it has inflammation. How does it do this magic? It has an antibacterial feature along with the antiinflammatory attribute.

In a nutshell –

We have discussed everything you need to know about oregano oil. Now, since you have read it, you can decide if you want to include the usage of oregano oil in your daily routine or not. Its medicinal properties will help you stay healthy.

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