Covid Toes, Rashes, Hair Loss: Eight Ways Coronavirus Can Affect Your Skin

 Covid Toes, Rashes, Hair Loss: Eight Ways Coronavirus Can Affect Your Skin

After genetic mutation, covid-19 appears with new symptoms that are difficult to recognize. After series of case-study and research, experts identified some common skin problems associated with COVID infection.

Range of covid-19 skin problems linked to infection severity   


Redness in the whites of the eye is called conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is caused due to virus or bacterial infection of the eyes. The second wave of coronavirus comes with the new symptom. i.e., Conjunctivitis, according to a report, 70% of people develop conjunctivitis after coronavirus infection.

Now it has become an assured symptom of covid infection. It also represents the severity of the disease.

Chilblain or Covid toes

Chilblain-like symptoms also known as covid toes. It appears on the hands and feet of the covid positive patient. The covid toes are painful and itchy. Sometimes it comes with small blisters or pimples. These covid toes often appear late in the covid 19 diseases. It reflects a mild to moderate level of coronavirus infection. Young and children covid patients most likely have chilblain symptoms.


Urticaria or hives are the itchy pinks and red rashes that appear as blotches or wheal (raised red lump). The size of the urticaria varies from a pinhead to a dinner plate. Generally, hives come with inflammation and swelling, but these may disappear within minutes to hours in a single spot; you can differentiate covid-19 hives from ordinary hives because they can come and go. Covid-19 hives start to alleviate within ten days. They come simultaneously as other symptoms of the covid-19, including fever, a dry cough takes place. It can happen to the covid positive patient of all ages, and it is associated with more severity of the infection


The water blister or vesicular eruption is a common skin issue in middle-aged people after covid-19 infection. The medical term of water-blister is a vesicular eruption; it is a small fluid-filled micro blister that appears early stage of the disease. Covid patients of middle age develop water blisters on their hands. It shows mild severity of the disease. Generally, it lasts just over ten to fifteen days, and it disappears with the recovery from the infection.

Multiple flat red patches

People irrespective of age with coronavirus infection develop widespread small red bumps and multiple flat red patches. It shows the high severity of the disease. It is a maculopapular eruption caused due to the strong immune response of your body against viral infection. If you see these symptoms, don’t ignore them; take consultation from doctor.

The rash associated with MISC

The rash associated with multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children or MISC is another skin-related problem associated with Covid-19. Due to immune system overdrive triggers swelling and inflammation of the heart and blood vessels, blood starts to clot, and symptoms of the shock. This infrequent complication may occur up to three months after a child suffered from a coronavirus infection.

Fishing net structure on the skin 

A fishing net-like red-blue pattern appears on the skin when someone suffers from a covid-19 infection. The medical term for the skin issue is Livedo. Generally, it seems that tiny bruises it is associated with more severe coronavirus infection. It commonly happens to the older age group. The fishing structure appears due to blockages of the blood vessels; it occurs as part of your body’s immune response against infection.

Hair loss

Loss of hair, the scientific name is telogen effluvium, occurs in very severe health problems, including corona virus infection. It happens because the body shutting down other unnecessary activities when it is going through stress. If a person consumes iron, vitamin C, and vitamin E, the hair fall problem will reduce, and new hair gradually come.

Here we have mentioned eight severe skin damages associated with coronavirus infection. They appear with mild to moderate levels of infection. If you see this skin damages, call a doctor and take guidance. Go to isolation and take proper medication You may start losing your hair after a coronavirus infection but don’t worry you may regain your hair after taking good hair fall treatment and nutritious food.

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