Celefi: A Startup Reaching New Heights in a Short Time

 Celefi: A Startup Reaching New Heights in a Short Time

No wonder we all love watching celebrities and influencers in Television, magazines, newspaper, etc. They are ruling everywhere whether it be news, controversies, and movies. We are so obsessed with them that even a photograph or an autograph from their side just makes our day.


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It is a bit difficult for the common peoples or the ordinary peoples to meet any celeb or to speak to them. These personalities stay busy with their daily schedule and photo shoots that it becomes hard for us to reach them through any means. Celebs have a big fan base and it becomes difficult for them to give a response to everyone that asks for it. To bring out a solution for this, Celefi brought a platform for everyone to reach their favorite celebrities.

Just think it once that one day you suddenly got a notification about a DM from your favorite celebrity shoutout on Instagram. Or just imagine getting a video call from a big personality whom you were used to watching in TV shows. Won’t it be enough to make your entire day and show to the peoples around you?

Obviously, it is. Celebrities also want to interact with their followers and do something for them. In the same manner, Celefi thought about this gap between the celebrities and the common people that makes it hard to interact between the two of them. So, it created a Indian celebrity Video shoutout platform, not only to make the interaction between the celebs and the audience but also for the brands or startups.

Yes, you heard it right. Celefi offers many services for its customers. These include getting DM from celebrities on Instagram, video calls from celebrities, personalized video messages, social media posts, and brand promotion videos.

If you are living apart from your loved ones or someone special and want to gift them something special, then you don’t need to worry. Celefi brings you a personalized message from celebrities on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and many more. You can also request for DM on Instagram, video calls or even a social media post from their side.

Even it is making it easier for startups or small businesses to endorse their brand by celebrities. After filling up the form inside the ‘Brand Promotions’ tab, anyone can request the endorsement of their brand from renowned celebrities. Now, no more hassle to get celebrities to endorse the new brands in the market. One can get a quick response from their side via an email or phone number.

With its celebrities list of more than 1000, Celefi is reaching slowly towards becoming one of the best Indian celebrity videos shoutout platforms. The requests that come to Celefi are not only from India, it is all over across the world. It has a vast list of celebrities including Aman Yatan Verma, Shefali Bagga, Shqfaq Naz, Kiku Sharda, Shalini Kapoor, and many more.

Altamash Kabir, the founder of Celefi is pushing the boundaries to grow and expand the company so that it reaches a large audience and they get benefitted from it. He is willing to add international celebrities from the Netflix web series and many more influencers from Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Although, Celefi is already getting huge digital support to grow. Therefore, everyone involved in making it ranked one is putting great effort into it. In addition to these, they made 24/7 customer service available for any query anytime and they try to provide a quick response to their customers. These all are participating in making Celefi better than all the other celebrity shoutout platforms and stay in the competition in the market in India.

It is a one-stop destination for all your wishes related to celebrities whether it be getting a wish on any occasion or a video call from their side. All these are enough to flaunt amongst a group and be cool in front of them. So, participate in making it bigger so that the Celefi team will bring out more new options for you all. One can visit the website at www.celefi.com and get their wishes fulfilled just by your phone.

Now, no more watching the Indian celebs from distance. Get them as your friend and be a person on their list also by helping them to interact with their fans.


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