Awesome Date in the Kitchen. Cooking Together

 Awesome Date in the Kitchen. Cooking Together

Do you want to keep the love and engagement level in a relationship on a decent level? Well, it takes some time and effort – we should say – still, worth the result. You need to fill your relationships with lovely moments and nice details. Romance isn’t about trips to Paris only but also about cozy evenings spent with a favorite person. To enjoy that atmosphere of love and romance you shouldn’t even leave your house actually as there are lots of ways to spend quality time with your partner without spending a fortune.  

Romantic Dinner

It doesn’t really matter who makes the first move. Romantic dinner is one of the most obvious yet favorite scenarios for couples that want to spruce up their relationships. It is not that trivial an idea as it seems as there is lots of space for creativity for you to make it special and unusual. The classic notion of a romantic dinner involves classical music and a fancy table layout. If all that ornamental stuff isn’t your cup of tea then you shouldn’t abandon the idea of holding a romantic dinner. Use your imagination to create a nice setup that seems interesting to your and your partner’s taste. The most important thing is to choose meals that you both love. If you love hot dogs and chips, you shouldn’t go for frogs’ legs, escargot, ratatouille you know. Try to find an unusual recipe for a hot dog or you can start a hot-dog-feast and try to make the most popular versions of this dish by replicating recipes of it the way it is cooked in different countries. 

If you are a complete newbie in cooking, then you can go for a takeaway. Simply choose dishes from your favorite places to make sure you are happy with the experience at the end of the romantic dinner. Nowadays, you can find lots of services that offer wide menus of chef’s-developed dishes and include all the ingredients paired with a step-by-step guide on how to cook the dish properly. That may also be fun so take this option into consideration as well.  


The decoration is one of the aspects that can make your dinner feel much more romantic. You can use candle lights, flowers, lovely silk napkins, etc. There are more tips on how to prepare for a date and make it even more pleasant. If it is a sushi night and you decide to go for takeaway sushi then don’t be lazy and transfer the dish from boxes onto nice plates and use matching bowls for soy sauce and appetizers – that will make a great difference. 

One great thing about having a romantic dinner is there is no need to stick to the table as you can use blankets and pillows to create a picnic vibe right at home. 

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a terrace then you can set up some cozy time outside of the house. That is an excellent option that allows you to enjoy your favorite means, relish in warm weather, and watch the sunset next to your favorite person. There are several scenarios for a romantic picnic: 

  • a simple picnic in the yard;
  • bbq party for two with casual table layout;
  • a picnic inside of your house with blankets, pillows, and plants/flowers, picnic basket, candles placed around your “picnic space” to make this feel more realistic. 

Another outstanding location for a romantic dinner is the roof. On the roof, you can enjoy the most spectacular sunset or sunbathe together a little bit if it is not too late. This is a great opportunity to “go outside” during the self-isolation period in case you share it with your partner. 

Useful tips for your dinner date

Movie and treats one of the best options for all cinema lovers as it allows combining a movie watching with an epic stomach pump. Use low lights to create an atmosphere of intimacy and use trays for your dishes as it often happens that an improvised cinema on a couch turns into a bedding ceremony space and you don’t want to roll around pizza crumbs, don’t you?

When setting up a movie night with your beloved, go for a romantic comedy or any adventure film but not a melodrama. 

A kitchen date can help you to become closer to your partner. Cooking together as well as other shared activities allow us to get to know someone better and learn to interact with each other politely and respectfully. You can choose any cuisine for your romantic dinner but there are several rules that help to avoid conflicts during kitchen dating:

  1. Appoint a chef. Cooking can be stressful and messy sometimes but that is not the best base for a lovely successful cooking date. Divide tasks at the beginning of the cooking process to focus on the communication with your partner but not the cooking.
  1. Try something new. You need to refresh different aspects of your life from time to time to make it feel less boring. Cooking new recipes during a kitchen date is an excellent way to spice up your and your partner’s meal routine. It is so nice to create something new and beautiful with your partner and allows you to create a deep connection with your beloved without much effort. 
  1. Music is everything. Music is a powerful tool that allows you to establish a certain vibe by simply pressing a play button. Choose your favorite compositions for a romantic or playful evening. The best thing is to prepare a playlist stuffed with your partner’s favorite songs. Of course, you should go for music that doesn’t make you sick as well. 
  1. Prepare appetizers in advance. Cooking on an empty stomach can turn into real torture and make you both twitchy. It is good to have a glass of wine and a bite of a crispy bruschetta before the beginning of a cooking session to feel more comfortable during the entire cooking date.
  2. Have a romantic talk. Make sure to talk about interesting and romantic things. Don’t talk about your work or politics. Start with something light and easy that will set you up for the right mood. Here are some of the best dating conversation starters. They will help you take the right path.

Don’t be afraid to appear too sensitive. Being romantic is the best way to show off your feelings and express them in the most beautiful forms. Romantic dinners, cooking together, and other shared experiences will help you to strengthen your union and refresh lasting relationships.

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