Advanced Features of TikTok, you never knew before!

 Advanced Features of TikTok, you never knew before!

What is the TikTok application? Wherever you look today you would find people talking about TikTok. Whereas, if you check any of the top new feeds, TikTok is on the top of all trends. Nowadays, every person next to the door is seen creating musical videos, uploading, sharing, liking, and commenting. There are two types of users of TikTok found one who just watches TikTok videos, like & comment on them, and then share on different social media platforms. On the other hand, there are TikToker who create video content, edit and upload them. If you think this just TikTok, then you are not aware of all those advanced features that launched to enhance your TikTok experience.

So, to walk hand in hand with the latest trends and its updated features, then read the article below learn those advanced features to become the most famous TikToker in the world 2021. So, let’s get prepare for the year ahead.

Reactions to videos:

Besides liking and commenting on TikTok videos, you can react to those videos in a different way. You can now easily record reactions to other people’s videos. With these reaction features, you can simply record their expressions while watching the video. And then publish the recorded video of reaction in the app. In addition, you can also resize and reshape the recording video window in real-time. All these tasks are performed of recording and resizing takes place at that time when you are watching the video.

Hashtags and Trends:

You won’t find everyone using Hashtags in the bio of their videos. It is something well related to the trend followed on TikTok. By making use of hashtags people usually invite others to accept the challenge and do what they are asked to do. Challenges can be anything according to the wish of the user that, they may demand some duet, or dance moves, or some stunts. However, this just does not end here on duets, dance moves, etc. For instance, the most popular TikTok trend was ‘ Fake Plane Challenge’, which demanded the user to post videos and photos to be pretending traveling.

Live Video Streaming:

You all be quite familiar with the Live video streaming of Instagram, much similar to it is in TikTok too. Moreover, all the top TikTokers are making use of this feature to talk live to their followers. Furthermore, there is a big trend to give virtual gifts when TikTokers are live on this platform. So, if you are one of the TikTok stars, then make use of these advanced features to interact with your followers. Or if you just like to watch TikTok videos, then look for when is your favorite star going to be live on the application so that you can express your love and affection for him. And even win exciting prizes like others are getting.

Scan QR codes:

If you cannot find any specific person, then TikTok has a well easy way to follow your 2020 famous TikTokers using a QR code. It is a unique QR code assigned to everyone who uses TikTok. People usually promote it on other platforms to get more subscribers and following in the easiest way. It also saves the time of followers to first for the person to find the right TikTok ID and follow them.

Broadcast Live Location:

Several top TikTokers use the feature called Geolocation to tell their followers where are they. So, that people can exactly spot currently where is those famous TikTokers and get them to have a meetup. It’s quite difficult for every TikToker to make a video know I’m on this road, going here there, etc. However, the huge demand fan following ask TikTokers to tell each and everything about their life. Therefore, the easiest and time-saving way to keep the audience updated and entertaining.

Real-time Analytics:

Just like Facebook page analytics, which explains graphs lines of engagement. In the Real-time analytics of TikTok, you can check out the information regarding the comments and likes. Moreover, you can look for graphs explaining details about live broadcasts and viewers.

Preview Video (before signing up):

If you don’t want to currently sign up yet watch the videos of the famous TikToker in the world, then it is possible in the TikTok application. You can search and watch videos of top tiktokers to have a better feel of the application. However, there are some restrictions in this mode, that you cannot like and comment on videos until and unless you login.

So, these were the advanced features of TikTok. However, you can never get to them until and unless you explore the application or get to know from someone. The informative piece of text has been good enough to tell you what you can do with the Application.


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