A Review on Remedies of Hair Loss

 A Review on Remedies of Hair Loss

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To preserve the beauty and density of hair, both women and men use various means: simple and exotic, folk and created by the cosmetics industry. Shiny, thick hair is a natural decoration of a person. Remember how in hundreds of poems, poets enthusiastically sing about the lovely curls of their chosen ones. A chic head of hair can at least attract attention.

Natural remedies for hair loss: folk methods

People have always attached great importance to hair care. Many ancient recipes are passed down from generation to generation and continue to be actively used today. The basis of folk recipes, as a rule, are medicinal plants.

Aloe Vera

This natural bio stimulator has been used for centuries for medical and cosmetic purposes.

The benefits of aloe for hair are the content of vitamins B, C, and E, pro-vitamin A, and beta-carotene, which promote regeneration and enhanced hair growth. Aloe breathes vital energy into brittle and tarnished hair, prevents it from falling out.

The life-giving juice of aloe is recommended to be rubbed into the scalp as an independent remedy, as well as to add to hair masks based on honey, burdock, or castor oil.

The tincture of aloe has also proven itself well. The lower leaves of the plant are wrapped in paper and left in the refrigerator for several hours. Next, the aloe should be crumbled and poured with ethyl alcohol in a ratio of 1:5. The tincture should be kept for about a week and a half in a cool place, only after that, it will be ready for use. It can be rubbed into the hair roots and then washed off with warm water.

One Important thing!

Before resorting to the healing power of herbs, and even more so to cosmetic or medicinal preparations, it is worth contacting a trichologist and consulting a specialist. There are many reasons for hair loss: it may be enough for you to adjust your diet or eliminate the cause of stress. However, only a doctor can determine this. Moreover, it is better to contact a specialized trichological medical center to be sure of the result of the diagnosis.

Arnica inflorescences

Arnica Mountain is another natural leader in hair care. It is able to eliminate dandruff and stop hair loss. Extracts from the bright yellow inflorescences of this plant have an antiseptic effect, improve blood circulation. This leads to the strengthening of the hair follicles and reduces the risk of baldness.

For medicinal purposes, tinctures, oils, and extracts from arnica are used.

A few drops of arnica tincture added to the hair conditioner can greatly enhance its effect. In combination with mustard and blue clay, arnica tincture is used to reduce sebum production and combat oily seborrhea, and with burdock oil and egg yolk — to nourish and strengthen the hair roots.

Sage Extract

This “longevity herb”, which, unlike mountain arnica, can be found almost everywhere in summer, is also an excellent assistant in hair care. Sage leaves are able to fill the hair’s need for vitamins, organic acids, and natural antioxidants.

Sage has antiseptic, immunomodulatory, and anesthetic properties and is used both externally and for oral administration. Thanks to sage, the hair gets a healthy shine, grows more actively. With it, you can forget about dandruff, greasy hair, and itchy scalp.

Popular oil, tinctures, decoctions of sage. For example, sage and nettle leaves infused with vodka for 2 weeks help to stop hair loss. Problem areas are dosed with a ready-made infusion.

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Ordinary nettle, used for masks, infusions, and decoctions, can also counteract dandruff and hair loss. In addition, nettle gives hair shine and silkiness, allows you to moderate the work of the sebaceous glands, and soothe itching. On the Internet, you can find many recipes based on nettle for the treatment of alopecia in men and women. Here are a few ways:

  • Four tablespoons of nettle pour one liter of boiling water, insist. Use as a hair rinse.

Fill the dark glass container tightly with nettle, fill it to the brim with alcohol, and stand for about a month. Next, dilute two teaspoons of a tincture in two liters of water and use weekly for rinsing after washing.

Fill the roots of fresh nettle with warm boiled water and hold for half an hour on low heat, preventing boiling, strain in a warm form. Regular rinsing of the hair with the resulting decoction helps to strengthen them.


Pharmacy chamomile is also often found in the composition of hair care products.

In particular, chamomile oil in combination with raw egg yolk and olive oil is effective in the treatment of baldness. This mask is rubbed weekly into the hair roots half an hour before washing your hair.

There is also such an option: dry chamomile inflorescences and nettle leaves, filled with boiling water, are infused for 20 minutes in a water bath, then mixed with soaked rye bread. The mask is gently rubbed into the scalp and distributed over the entire length of the hair, after two hours you can wash it off.


Helps to preserve the hair and evening primrose oil. In the case when alopecia is caused by hormonal disorders, primrose is effective for oral administration (in the form of oil, extract, etc.). It reduces the level of male hormones-androgens that lead to hair loss. Primrose oil is also useful in the form of masks.

But not only herbal medicine has gained popularity. Popular remedies for hair loss include:


Onion juice, due to its high sulfur content, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the hair roots, and stops inflammatory processes on the skin. As a preventive remedy for hair loss, it is useful to simply eat onions fresh.

Masks with onion juice are considered a popular remedy for baldness. The chopped onion is filtered and rubbed into the scalp with the pads of your fingers. Next, wrap your head with a towel and after half an hour, wash it with shampoo and rinse thoroughly.


Another favorite component of traditional medicine is lemon oil (part of nourishing and therapeutic masks) and freshly squeezed juice (diluted with water and used for rinsing hair). Lemon helps to reduce fat content, reduce the amount of dandruff, helps to prevent thinning of the hair.

Egg yolk

Rich in vitamins A, D, E, minerals, and amino acids, the yolk restores the structure of the hair, stimulates its growth, and stops the process of baldness. Egg masks restore smoothness, shine, and elasticity to the hair.

Essential oils

The addition of essential oils to purchased and homemade hair products enhances their beneficial effect. A few drops of essential oil of lavender, rosemary, thyme, cypress, ylang-ylang, pine, mixed with the base oil (olive, burdock, corn), activate the restoration of follicles and stop the processes of baldness.


Of course, folk remedies attract a relatively low price, but they are inferior in effectiveness to professional cosmetics, which is quite understandable — it is quite difficult to observe all the subtleties of the recipe if each component is added approximately to the eye. Cosmetics are devoid of such a disadvantage, but they are also more expensive. However, the demand for them is consistently high.


Professional remedies for hair loss: lines of cosmetic products

Perfume and pharmacological concerns actively offer customers products to strengthen the hair and fight against their thinning.

Migliori Complex

The Italian brand of medical cosmetics “Migliorin” creates products based on millet extracts-a source of silicic acid necessary for the formation of healthy and elastic hair.

Caduta Anti-hair loss Shampoo

Designed specifically to combat breakage and hair loss. Contains extracts of millet, passion fruit, chamomile, yarrow, linden, helichrysum, and St. John’s wort. Enhanced with minerals, keratin, and proteins.

Capsules for strengthening hair and nails

In complex therapy, along with external agents, food additives (for example, “Trikox”) are used in capsule or tablet form. They contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that strengthen hair follicles, normalize sebum production, and fight excessive hair loss. Along the way, the condition of the nails also improves, their fragility and delamination are eliminated.

Alcohol-based anti-hair loss spray lotion

An innovative lotion with extracts of dozens of medicinal herbs provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It is rubbed into the hair roots after shampooing. Suitable for daily use.

Alcohol-free anti-hair loss spray Lotion

Contains herbal extracts, keratin, vitamins B5 and H, trace elements (iron, zinc, copper, magnesium). It is applied in the same way as an alcohol-based lotion spray.

Therapeutic ampoules against hair loss with extracts of medicinal herbs

Ampoules are effective against baldness, seborrhea, itching, and dandruff, and are also used to restore hair after aggressive chemical exposure (coloring, curling, etc.). They include millet extract, amino acids, vitamins (A, B1, B5, PP, pantothenic acid), minerals (P, Mg, F, Mn, Si), extracts of horsetail, lettuce, mallow, and other plants. This is one of the best contents of the ampoule that should be applied to the hair roots, massaging the head in circular movements. Use the course-every 3 days for a month after washing your hair.


The French brand KLORANE (“Kloran”) produces shampoos, balms, and complexes-concentrates.

Firming shampoo

Quinine extract, enhanced with B vitamins, strengthens and nourishes the hair roots.

Balm-rinse with quinine extract

It is recommended to use after the shampoo of the same series. The balm is distributed over the entire length of the hair and is washed off in 2-3 minutes.

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