A Guide To Hair Loss Prevention In 3 Easy Steps

 A Guide To Hair Loss Prevention In 3 Easy Steps

Rapid hair fall can be a nightmare to men and women alike. Every one of us dreads those broken strands of hair in the comb and around the house. Besides, thinning hair can also cause confidence issues and have a direct impact on our self-esteem. 

Many factors can contribute to hair fall, like frequent dyeing, too much chemical exposure, ageing and diseases. While there are so many suggestions and tips to prevent hair loss, it can be a tad difficult to find out what will work best for you. So here we are, offering four mind-blowing tricks to prevent hair loss. However, you should note that these methods work for general hair fall issues and not the ones caused by some medical condition or hormonal imbalance. 

Choose the right hair products

Sometimes, hair fall issues are triggered by some product that you have just started using. For example, if your new shampoo does not suit your hair type or scalp, it may lead to hair loss. You should understand the specific needs of your hair, as much as you should for the rest of your body. Know your hair type and its ability to absorb and retain moisture before buying a hair product. 

With so many products in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose one. A good way is to switch to organic products that have fewer chemicals to cause additional damage to your beautiful tresses. Numerous online stores offer organic health and beauty care products online. It is best to visit an MHRA-registered store, to begin with. Read the reviews and check the ingredient list before buying anything at random. 

Revise your diet

The foods you eat affect your body, skin and hair. If you are suffering from hair fall issues for no particular reason, you can try revising your diet. According to dermatologists and nutritionists, the Mediterranean diet is helpful for your tresses as they contain fresh herbs and lots of raw veggies that help lower the risk of androgenic alopecia. 

You should also include a sufficient amount of protein in your diet, as the hair follicles are made up of a protein called keratin. Consume nuts, peas, beans and oily fishes to level up your protein intake. Lastly, have foods rich in Vitamin A to enhance hair growth. Besides being composed of retinoids that help in hair regrowth, the vitamin also stimulates sebum production that promotes scalp health. 

Avoid dyeing your hair frequently

If you dye your hair too often, stop immediately. Although it does not affect hair growth but damages coloured hair and lead to excess shedding. Further, the hair colouring products contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia that alters hair integrity, thus weakening the strands. If you need to dye your hair, go for natural care products with a lesser amount of chemicals. These organic hair colouring products either have little or no ammonia to prevent hair fall issues. You can visit an organic store online to look for such products. 

If you follow these suggestions carefully and do what is asked, hair fall issues will vanish over time. However, if you have some underlying medical condition that is causing loss of hair, it is best to seek professional advice.

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