7 most Garden- Fresh Attractive Flowers With Its Blossoms

 7 most Garden- Fresh Attractive Flowers With Its Blossoms

Flowers are a natural healer as well as it can affect you and the surrounding. Every special day, starting from a coffee date to your first day in the office, can be completed with a flower bouquet. Whether rare or common, all of these flowers can easily be found in a garden near you.  


Roses come in many different colours and species, ranging from red roses to yellow ones and white roses to blue ones. They also have a wide range of shapes and petal counts. 

For example, a rose called ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ has 12 petals! While a rose called “American Pillar” has 52Red roses are the most beautiful type because they symbolize love so strongly, but there are many other beautiful types of roses. You can order flowers online on any occasion with amazing combos nowadays.


Lilies are very popular flowers that can be found worldwide in almost all garden centre’s flower sections. There are over 100 different species of lily, each one looking slightly different from the other. Lilies can be white, orange or red, depending on what species you have. They are very bright and fluffy, often contrasting with their dark green leaves.


Daisies are small white or yellow flowers that usually grow in large groups. The flower petals can each be found on a thin stem coming out of the centre of the flower. No matter what type of daisy it is, this is always the case. 

Many other daisies depend on where you live, but a popular one is a nasturtium with red/yellow petals and a blue centre to the flower. Flower delivery in Noida Is within your reach so that you can do it.


Tulips come in all colours ranging from red tulips to purple ones! They like big poofy balls that are bright and colourful. Tulips like to be planted in full sunlight, but they can grow in most light conditions. They usually come out around early springtime when the weather is warmer and stay for a few months before going away again.


The sunflower is another beautiful flower that comes very close to the aster flower (mentioned above). It belongs to the daisy family with about 25 genera and 300 species. They are native to regions across North America, Africa, and Europe but grow in Oceania, where they thrive thanks to a warm climate. 

Humans have long cultivated the sunflower for food, but this tall plant (with leaves over 2 meters / 7 feet tall) is also an incredible source of beauty because it can produce stunning flowers. There are several different sunflowers, but they all share common traits like single inflorescence with yellow disc florets and orange to red, brown or purple petals surrounding the central part. 

Sunflowers are large, bright yellow suns that usually have black seeds in them before they mature. They can grow quite tall, even up to 10 feet! When the flower starts to come out of the seed, it looks like a small grass stalk with points on each end, but once it fully blooms, it is much prettier. Each head can hold up to 100 individual flowers! You can order them online or offline. Flower delivery in Mumbai is available all the time.


Orchids are the most exotic flowers among all others, especially when it comes to their colours because orchids can be found in every colour possible! If an orchid does not have any colour, it will not survive long, so this is why there is so much care put into selecting the perfect colour for each flower. One more interesting fact about orchids is that they are influenced by both moonlight and sunlight. Meaning it grows in the day when the sun is out, but at night when there is no light to be found. 

They will take a ‘rest period’ which means it naturally goes into sleep.

Orchids are also known as “the virgin bride” because this flower represents innocence and virginity in Victorian times. These flowers were grown in homes where women lived alone, and orchids symbolize love, refinement and luxury. Today these flowers are mostly cultivated in tropical places like Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand etc.

Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus – Hawaii’s National Flower Latin name: Hibiscus syriacus Country of origin: Asia The Red hibiscus is one of the most beautiful flowers in Asia. It has five distinctive, pointed petals, which contain 3 layers, giving it an amazing look. 

This flower is usually found in Sri Lanka and India too. It blooms mostly during summertime, and its colours range from red to maroon or purple. Its meaning can differ according to different cultures. Some say that it means ‘unforgettable beauty’, while some say it represents love and longing for someone far away.

The flowers mentioned in this article are all beautiful and will be a wonderful addition to any garden. If you find the idea of picking up plants at your local nurseries intimidating, don’t worry! Our company offers landscaping services that include planting new bushes or trees for clients – we’ll even remove old ones if needed! For more information about our services, please visit us online today.


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