6 Popular Fitness Classes You Should Know About

 6 Popular Fitness Classes You Should Know About

Fitness can be a challenge especially if you hate working out or are beginning to start your workout journey. Lockdown played an essential role in boosting the fitness journey of people of all ages and colors. Blame it on boredom or the extra fat you gained during lockdown fitness has emerged to play a pivotal role in everyone’s lives.

Now, that the initial hesitation to start your fitness journey has been taken care of, working out alone in the confines of your bedroom or living room can be extremely challenging. Working out alone at home asks for grit, determination, and motivation.

Does your will to workout go down the hill just seeing your bed or do you manage to push yourself for an extra dose of adrenaline rushing through your body? Whatever may be your reasons here are some fitness classes that will help you stay fit without feeling left out. Feel free to jump from one class to another to find your perfect match. The pandemic isn’t over yet, so make sure to take necessary precautions and wear your personal protective equipment at all times.

1. Yoga


Yoga is considered one of the best workouts to calm your body and energize your soul. Most people are also accustomed to the benefits of yoga and the concept of yoga. Now if you’re not fond of traditional yoga, you can try Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, or Gentle Yoga. Given the various popular variations of yoga, this type of workout is ideal for someone looking to relax their body after a day’s work while also building the muscles.

Originated in ancient India, exercises include deliberate movements, breathing techniques to tone, strengthen muscles and align the ‘chakras’ in your body. In case you don’t want to shavaasan your way through your fitness journey, join group yoga classes to create a pseudo-gym scenario.

2. Full Body Fusion

Full Body Fusion is a dynamic combination of cardio and pilates. If you’re looking for something more than yoga but also offers the best of yoga and builds your strength as well, then try your hand at full body fusion. In a full-body fusion class you’ll find a mix of exercises, stretches aimed to burn calories, build strength and tone your muscles. If you’re someone who loves your workout to be different each day, then full body fusion might be your perfect match. Not only it involves different exercises each week, but it also offers a healthy mix of cardio and pilates.

3. Circuit Training

As the name suggests, a circuit training workout usually consists of training exercises that complete one circuit or repetitions. You’ll usually find interval-style, fast-paced, shorter routines in this training. In this training, one usually performs one exercise for about 30 seconds followed by a brief break and then continues another exercise for 30 seconds. Depending on your strength your circuit normally consists of 5-6 exercises repeated over 1-3 times depending on the time taken to finish one circuit. This class is perfect if you’re looking for calorie-burning, strength-training, short sessions.


HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training refers to exercise strategies focused on increasing your heart rate allowing you to quickly burn fat in less time. It also includes an exercise strategy focusing on high-intensity workouts followed by low impact (recovery) exercises. If you’re looking for a good sweat sesh, then this class is ideal for you. You get to burn some serious fat through intense movements.

5. Water Aerobics

Want to swim but increase the intensity of your swim sessions? Try Water Aerobics. Water Aerobics is a fun interactive way to engage your muscles’ endurance and strength in a low impact setting. In this fitness class, the water-immersed participants, under the guidance of trained professionals work out for an hour. This type of resistance training focuses on creating an enjoyable atmosphere along with a good sweat session. This workout is ideal for someone looking for a steady, low-impact, unconventional way of strength training.

6. Cycling

Cycling is one the most basic workouts you can try. It’s also cost-effective and you can make your cycling sessions fun by joining a cycling group or asking your friends to join you. You can either cycle the conventional way or if you want to cycle in the confines of a room, a cycling machine can help you do so. This class includes fast-paced, upbeat music along with alternating periods of standing and sitting exercises.

When you’re trying the workout for the first time make sure to adjust your seat and bike handles according to your comfort level. On average the class includes 45 mins of the session. Make sure to carry a water bottle and towel, because you’ll need them both.




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