5 Tips to style Leather Jackets in your 40s

 5 Tips to style Leather Jackets in your 40s

The 40s are the new 20s this is something that we have always heard about. But why have we restricted women looking pretty in some particular age only? Women can and do look pretty even when they are in their 40s, 50s, or even 60s. There is no age limit to their beauty. It is widely known that women have to look a certain way at a certain age. If you are in your 40s you cannot wear a leather jacket for a woman? Oh, you are wearing that hot popping red lip shade in your 50s? Are you sure? I mean these are the comments that women often come across when they choose to style themselves as they wish to.

Wearing the black leather jacket is not off the list when you are in your 40s, you can be forty and still rock that sporty and bold look. In fact, if you are dressing up grace-ly while you are aging, you are doing it right. Some women look even younger when they are wearing these leather jackets and sporting this look. However, there is no way you should try to look “younger” than you are. I mean why should you? Looking beautiful has no connection with your age.

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If you are in your 40s and want to look dapper in your leather jacket, the following are the ways you can do that.

  • Burgundy Jacket with Faux Leather Pants

Real Leather Garments have an extensive variety when it comes to leather jackets, be it black, brown, blue, or even burgundy you can find just any color here. That too online, how cool is that. Nevertheless, one of the best ways to rock your leather jacket look is to pair it up with your leather pants. Burgundy is the color that just pops up no matter who wears it, it just going to look good on you.

Pair your burgundy jacket with the leather faux pants and you would steal the show. In case you are not comfortable wearing this dark shade, you can always wear a black dress. Trust me, nothing is better than wearing all black, it just looks perfect no matter what age or gender are you. You can level up your whole look with the black boots and saddlebag.

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  • Red Tie with Cropped Moto Jackets

Okay we get it not many women in their 40s would be comfortable wearing cropped moto jackets, but trust me just come out of your comfort zone and try wearing them. In case you are still contemplating wearing that cropped jacket, what you can do is wear it on a dress. This eye-catching attire would just make you look super stylish. Complete your overall look with a red printed dress, if you are looking to make a combination of the dress you can go for a brown or tan moto or bomber jacket.

Compliment the whole look with some elegant and delicate jewelry and down there you can wear some hot pink pumps.

  • Leather Jacket over White Tee

The most basic and perfect dress that no matter who you are would rock it. We have seen women gracefully carrying this dress and still stealing the show. If you are not comfortable wearing jeans as you bottom you can wear some khaki pants or yoga pants, or simple sweat pants too. You do not always need to look sharp and perfect; sometimes imperfections have their own perks. A basic white tee, with light blue jeans and a black leather jacket on it, it is just the perfect comfortable dress for women of all ages.

You can finish off the whole look with some black heels and a chained shoulder bag.

  • Biker Jacket over a Skirt

IF you have that little adventurous soul hidden inside you there is nothing better to wear than a biker jacket. Biker jackets just add that oomph factor in the whole dress and give off a pretty bold look to a person. Those who like to be adventurous and like biking of course often seen wearing this jacket. Imagine your mom sporting this biker jacket with a skirt and riding a bike, I for a fact would absolutely adore that. If you are not comfortable wearing a skirt you can always replace it with some casual shorts. The whole look would just give you some next-level confidence that I believe every woman should have, no matter what they are wearing.

  • Fur Bomber Jacket and High Waist Skirt

Fur bomber jackets are perfect for the extremely cold winter days when you are shivering from the cold, but we do not in any way recommend compromising over your style and look. I mean why should you when you have the perfect alternative available for you? The combination of a high waist skirt with the fur bomber jacket is just amazing and can make the look woman of any age graceful and elegant.

If you do not like fur in clothes you can always replace it with a woolen coat and you will be all set to steal the show. Complete the overall look with some chukka boots, a nice silk scarf, and some studs. Trust me you will not look any less than the famous Victoria’s Secret model.

Are you now ready to flaunt that look? We cannot wait to see you styling these tremendous styles!

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