5 Reason for Getting Custom Boxes for Subscription Services

 5 Reason for Getting Custom Boxes for Subscription Services

Small and medium businesses are often at crossroads when picking the suitable marketing gimmick. With limited finances, it becomes hard to get cost-effective marketing strategies that pay off instantly. Subscription boxes are productive branding tools and custom boxes can elevate them to the desired customer satisfaction level.

Products can come in any primary packaging. Customers only get to see the outer boxes. subscription boxes are the new-age marketing tool that grabs attention in the competitive retail industry. They matter for creating an exclusive brand aura that promises customers more than the products they buy.

It is the boxes that are customized for this effect. The custom box features help brands to stand apart from the crowd and enable customers to take a serious interest in the brand. colorful and vibrant box appeal makes everything else look black and white. These boxes hold onto customers’ attention for a prolonged time period.

Why should brands get custom subscription boxes?

Whether businesses sell through e-commerce or at tangible retail outlets, the boxes present the brand identity to customers. Apart from the brand differentiation benefit explained above, the boxes offer a wide plethora of pros that make them a necessary branding addition.

Custom specifications

Usually, retailers have to package products in larger boxes because they don’t have the exact containers required. Customizing the boxes protects and gives a professional appearance to the products. subscription boxes can look, measure, and feel the way sellers want.

Every industry has different box requirements. Like pharmaceutical products need separate packaging than apparel. Understanding the true nature of the products and then opting for relevant boxes is only possible with custom options.

Distinct box elements

How can Apple distinguish its boxes from other hardware providers? The famous brand logo does the trick. Global customers recognize the logo and brand image no matter what age they are and the location they live in.

Subscription boxes work when they give the brand an individual image. Customization allows sellers to opt for the brand identity they desire their buyers to witness. It could be a signature box style, color hues, box texture, or creative locks, anything can be added to be retained in the buyers’ memories.

When the buyers see the brand logo, they must be able to recall it and attach familiarity and trust with it. Such an aim is easier to achieve when the boxes look like an extension of the business.

Custom shape types

Even if most customers don’t admit consciously opting for unique boxes, the statistics say that a high level of customers go for boxes that are shaped innovatively.

What can this be? The traditional top folding boxes are not sufficient anymore to entice sales. buyers need something valuable to accompany their purchases. custom elements work more effectively when they are printed on boxes that are shaped creatively too.

Custom boxes come in varied types. The recent addition is the gable shapes with handles and ear-shaped locks on the sides. Custom sleeves also dominate the apparel market. Brands that are on a budget prefer these for cost-savings and giving a distinct brand appeal.

An eco-friendly approach

Subscription boxes are generally sent on a monthly basis. Customers get to see the brand image frequently and so; they want to be surprised with offbeat packaging.

It is essential that the boxes are made of bio-degradable materials. Customers appreciate such packaging and redeem the boxes for future uses. It helps to keep reminding the buyers of the brand and exudes branding to new customers.

From the cost angle, reusable stock paper costs less and is compatible with custom alterations too. shipping boxes are normally made using corrugated stock that is highly flexible and offers better product protection. When sending monthly products, the packaging mechanism must be reliable to lower customer complaints and up their happiness.

Compatible with diverse products

If you are thinking of getting custom subscription boxes but are vary of their suitability, it would be pleasant to know that the boxes suit all product types.

No wonder that all industries use customized versions of the subscription boxes to impress their buyers. The boxes have the scope to be customized for every product out there. Food sellers can ensure dust and water-resistant packaging that is coated with protective layers. Pharmaceuticals can choose boxes that keep the temperatures constant throughout shipment and so on.

The customer reaction generated with custom packaging boxes is above and beyond the effort that goes into creating them. They thus, make for a worthwhile investment. Sellers won’t be disappointed with annual revenues once they include these boxes within their marketing.

box manufacturers

How can sellers be sure of success with these boxes?

It is obviously determined that the subscription boxes perform better when they are customized to radiate positive brand energy.

Sellers must, however, use them appropriately. It includes styling the boxes so they look appealing rather than confuse the buyers.

Often, too many custom add-ons don’t’ make sense. Sellers must stick to their core objectives and design the boxes likewise. Some brands keep it minimalistic while others give off vibrant energies. It depends on how the brand wants to be viewed by the buyers. The secret is to be clear and concise of the content displayed. The following points can be considered to obtain to-the-point branding using customized boxes.

  1. Create understandable patterns and designs.
  2. Put the brand logo at a prominent box location
  3. Encourage customers to keep with their subscriptions by informing them of offers and discounts using the boxes.
  4. Add creative custom features like convenient handling tools and instruction for use.
  5. Use distinctive colors on the boxes to relate with the products inside.
  6. Use consistent branding elements so buyers can relate to the business even when the boxes are upgraded or revamped several times.


Using custom boxes is great for creating subscription boxes. clients reorder subscriptions when they get impressive brand appeal with it. customized boxes add value to the brand and compel buyers to be loyal to the business.

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