4 Flattering Jumper Styles for This Winter

 4 Flattering Jumper Styles for This Winter

What do you need amidst the winter crisp?


Fortunately in this modern era, we have engineered several high technology thermoregulating fabrics that guarantee to keep you always warm and comfortable without making it look like you’re donning your granny’s sweater!

Knitting is, without a doubt, the most ancient way of making clothes, therefore, it is understandable that it has brought the oldest styles of clothing. The fact that knitting made it to this millennium makes it classical wear.

Noir LDN brings these classical wear in different styles to make you look cool without feeling any cold. So pick your style and get a Noir jumper that suits your taste the most. The jumper can be worn directly against your skin as a base layer, over a T-shirt as an outerwear, or even as mid-layer under your favourite denim jacket.

However, if you do not want to be disappointed while pulling out your favourite old jumper and finding yourself staring at something that appears more like lace, you need to take good care of your storage. Knitwears tend to absorb oils from our skins, which then greets numerous pesky insects.

Be it a novelist Ernest Hemingway or an actor James Dean, from time to time male celebrities have been found making striking appearances in great events wearing knitwear. Cardigans, sweatshirts, Cable knits and Breton tops should be the essentials in any fashion-savvy man’s wardrobe.

To help you explore the jumper that compliments your looks the most, here is a list of some jumpers for you to try this season.

1. Fisher man’s Knit Jumper

This close-fitting jumper, with its dense weave in the fisherman’s knit styles, will prove to be your best friend in a teeth-chattering winter.

Another practical feature, other than the durability and the warmth,  it provides is the fact that it’s devised for wear and tear. This makes it easy for holes or any perforation to get knitted over.

Although the Channel Islands might have brought this style, it has been common wear among the iconic British fishing communities.

The knitted patterns also give these jumpers a classical grace, making them apt for many occasions.

2. Crew Neck Jumpers

Crew Neck Jumpers are unarguably the most stylish jumpers of all time. The simple and elegant design of the crow jumpers also makes them super versatile. They can be worn informally over a T-shirt or a shirt, and they can also be worn for formal occasions blazers or with suits.

3. Cardigans

These easy-on and easy-off jumpers were introduced by Earl 7th of Cardigan in the last 19th century. These can be worn with a shawl collar, or how the American president, John F. Kennedy liked to wear it i.e. over a button-oxford shirt. These comfortable wears have become a classic too!

4. Jumpers with a roll neck

The roll neck collars provide a built-in scarf effect, making it seem like you have put a lot of effort. They also work great with suits, liberating you from any need to wear a shirt and tie. Furthermore, you can also grab ladies’ attention by combining the roll necks with a pair of chinos.

The origin of roll neck dates back to medieval times. They were created as undergarments for knights who needed to shield their necks from chainmail. A half millennia later it became a fashion statement in the 1920s, due to an English playwright Noel Coward.

If you are looking to amp up your wardrobe, browse through the categories of Noir LDN.


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