3 Great Tips to Help You Find Luxury Arabic Perfumes That Match Your Personality

 3 Great Tips to Help You Find Luxury Arabic Perfumes That Match Your Personality

Do you want to be known as the girl with the signature scent? Do you want to command the attention of the entire room the very moment you walk into it without even having to utter a word? You can be the girl whose perfume subtly lingers in a room for hours after she’s gone, making everyone miss you and inexplicably think about you. But what is the signature scent that you need to do so?

When you walk into a store for luxury Arabic perfumes, girls tend to try out sample after sample looking for that one fragrance that resembles them but the signature scent is something elusive. It is a holy grail, the one that will totally match your personality and will not make you smell like everyone else. So, before this becomes a lifelong quest for you, let us find out which perfume is made for your personality.

  1. Extrovert

Are you an extrovert with a dynamic, energetic, and cheerful nature? Are you known as the life of the party by your friends and family? You must be the star at your workplace who takes charge of everything and works hard to get everything done. For this outgoing personality that you have, you are often drawn to groups of people. That is why the perfect notes for an ideal perfume for you would be floral or spicy. You must choose something citrus, fruity, and fresh. If you tend to like the oriental scents from Arabia, then Reehat Al Atoor’sBint Al Sultan, Durrat Al Aswad, or Durrat Al Bahrain and other such Saudi perfumes online can be great choices for you.

  1. Introvert

Do you often observe others while sipping your tea quietly from a corner? Do you get complains like you stay at home too much or are lost in books instead of going out during weekends? Then, you must be someone whose talents have to be sought out by others. You are not likely to come to the forefront to showcase your consistent hard work and are quite the owner of your quiet confidence. If you can relate to this introvert of a nature, then you can go with the woody, heavy floral, and quintessentially oriental notes. Some of the good perfumes for women that you might like would be Hasba, Jasmine perfume oil, or Majmuat Al Bahrain.

  1. Modern Ambiverts

Now it might be that you cannot relate to neither extroverts nor the introverts. You might be someone in the middle, who is smart, sophisticated, and enjoys a playful yet mysterious charm. You are lively and enjoy the challenges exposed to you quite spontaneously but you are also a romantic at heart and have a tendency to daydream. Nothing can really dampen your spirit and you may act on impulse sometimes. You might like a combination of notes in your signature scent. You can look for something aquatic or go for a fruity-floral fragrance. You can try Mukhalat Malaki – Royal Mix, Passion Perfume, or the Reehat Al Atoor Spray No.1.

So, if you are looking for the perfect perfume, you must consider these personality traits before deciding. Look for a physical store or even an online selling store that offers beautiful perfumes as anniversary or birthday gifts for him and her.

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