3 Famous Labels To Choose Your Cocktail Party Dress From

 3 Famous Labels To Choose Your Cocktail Party Dress From

Wedding festivities are supposed to be grand and glamorous as weddings are celebrations of love and coming together of two individuals who choose to spend their life with each other. While the main wedding day holds distinctive prominence the events leading up to it are equally important. Every festivity of the wedding is meant to be fun and memorable to make the entire wedding a successful carnival of mirth and joy.

When it comes to wedding attire, it’s not just the D-Day lehenga but a range of ensembles that the bride has to choose for a range of festivities leading to the wedding and for post-wedding celebrations also. One such pre-wedding celebration is the cocktail party which is more of an informal gathering before the main day for the couple and relatives to come to enjoy and have a fun time. Unlike the royal and ethnic tones flaunted on D-Day, the cocktail party is more about chic and elegant gowns. To take a break from traditional ensembles donned on various wedding festivities, modern brides are choosing to flaunt glamorous gowns at their cocktail party.

While the Indian bridal outfits industry has conveniently established itself over the years with brides having myriad options of fashion houses to shop their bridal lehenga from, cocktail party dress labels are still setting their roots in the market.

Here are some famous labels you can shop your cocktail party dress from –

1. Rutu Neeva


Emerging as one of the country’s prominent designers, Rutu Neeva is establishing her label identity in the fashion market. She draws inspiration from ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship and molds them into contemporary fashion trends. Rutu has successfully developed a taste of her style in contemporary fashion enthusiasts and turning out to be B-town favorite designer too. Her designs focus on the elegance, allure, and femininity of the wearer. Talking of Rutu Neeva bridal gowns, they portray detailed and distinctive new-age classicism, and the fashion house designs some glamorous and unique cocktail party dresses for ladies. Her gowns prioritize comfort, experiment with a myriad of colors, variety of silhouettes, and features sharp cuts. If you wish to flaunt something bold, flirty, and comfortable at your cocktail party, the Rutu Neeva label is your destination.

2. Gauri & Nainika


The Delhi-based designer duo launched their label in 2002 and the label has come a long way since then. European fashion history has always been the major source of information for the designer duo who believes in the exquisite glamour of red carpets and old Hollywood romances. Gauri and Nainika’s designs and style speaks of understated elegance, femininity, and classic romance. The label experiments with color, cuts, and fabric material while focusing on shape and silhouettes. The designs of Gauri and Nainika are best described as an amalgamation of old-world aestheticism and bright contemporary tones.

The cocktail party dresses for brides designed by Gauri and Nainika are synonymous with exquisite elegance and grace. The ruffles are the signature style of the label. Besides ruffles, the label gowns also feature slits, trains, intricate embroidery patterns, bold cuts, and beautiful designs. If you are looking forward to making a bold statement through your cocktail party dress, Gauri And Nainika would be the perfect label for you.

3. Falguni Shane Peacock


Run by husband-wife designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock, the label has been in existence for 15 years now. In these 15 years, the fashion house has never gone out of context and trend and is always referred to as contemporary. The label has also garnered international recognition and acclamation owing to its edgy and out-of-the-box designs. Falguni Shane Peacock has their statement pieces worn by celebrities like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Lady Gaga.

The fashion house was initially well versed with the latest bridal fashion trends and was doing Bridal lehengas but with the emergence of a recent trend of donning gowns at cocktail parties, they have started designing glamorous gowns also for their brides. Falguni Shane Peacock label has always been about going extra with your outfit and hence it comes as a perfect choice for brides who wish their cocktail party dress attire to be maximalist and desire to go all glammed up for their cocktail party.

Falguni and Shane Peacock undertake a very experimental approach to their designs and juggle with various elements to create statement pieces. Be it 3D embellishments, delicate featherwork, beaded embroidery, and mirror work they have always gone out of the trend to establish a new trend in the market and offered different from usual designs to their brides.

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