20 Gorgeous Haircuts That Will Make You Want to Chop All Your Hair Off

 20 Gorgeous Haircuts That Will Make You Want to Chop All Your Hair Off

20 gorgeous haircuts that will make you want to cut your long tresses off

After nearly a year of social distancing, it has resulted in some exceptionally long and mostly unkempt lengths, and the urge to chop off all your hair may be stronger than ever.

While this sentiment would ordinarily be met with blank stares and reminders to be cautious, it just so happens that short hair is currently very fashionable.

Celebrities, influencers, and stylists agree that varieties of short hair are the biggest trends of 2021.

Check out these 20 gorgeous haircuts that will make you want to chop all your hair off and wear these stunning hairstyles!


A Super Short Bob Haircut

                  A super short bob haircut 

A super short bob haircut is on trend and looks great on women with straight hair. It is a great choice for women who want a fresh and new look, especially with almost a year of long hair.

A super short bob haircut is really easy to maintain, and it will save you a lot of money because short hair consumes less quantity of products.

This haircut looks great on every hair texture and face shape. And a short bob haircut provides you with a variety of hairstyles, so you are never stuck with one style until it grows out.


Stacked Super Short Bob Haircut

                  Stacked short bob haircut 

A stacked super short bob haircut is a new take on the traditional bob haircut. The layers become shorter as it descends at the back, which helps achieve a fuller look. Keep the front section longer than the rest to achieve a face-framing look.


Pixie Bob Haircut with Colors

                  Colored pixie bob haircut 

If you are looking for an exciting haircut, you need to try the pixie bob haircut and add a few moody colors.

Purple shades make for an intriguing combination, especially when paired with black hair. If you want to strengthen your hair while also changing up your style, you should choose between dyeing and chemically straightening your locks.


Short Wavy Pixie Cut in Platinum Blonde

                   Short wavy pixie cut in platinum blonde 

Choosing a strong color for short hair is a chic method to soften the overall image. Platinum tresses contrast well with dark and rich skin tones. Adding some curls to your wavy hair can add texture and depth to it.

The short haircut is super low maintenance and provides a youthful appearance. This haircut will look beautiful even if you don’t heat style it.


Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

                    Asymmetrical pixie haircut 

The right haircut has the potential to make your style stand out with no effort. This asymmetrical pixie haircut is one of those haircuts.

Coloring and styling can make a huge difference. This medium brown shade helps complement and brighten skin tones. The beautiful facial features are highlighted by the effortless side- and front-combed short hair.

This short haircut is perfect whether you are after an edgy look or an elegant one. With this haircut, you won’t even feel emotional while chopping off your long hair.


Short Bob with Bangs

                  Short bob with bangs 

As evidenced by an increasing number of women opting for short haircuts, short is the new sexy. The bravery required to embrace one’s femininity while sporting a masculine short haircut is a clear display of self-assurance.

As seen in the picture, the woman is sporting a blunt bob haircut with choppy bangs. This haircut frames your face and offers a youthful and fresh appearance. As you can see, the bangs do not conceal your features but rather helps accentuate the features.


Short Haircut with Side Undercut

                   Undercut with shaved lines for your short hair 

This short hair is a great haircut option for women who are looking for a carefree look.

You have the option to get creative with the undercut; you have the option to create different designs to express yourself. Keep the other side of your hair longer than can be side-swept to get long bangs instantly.

This haircut offers a ton of versatility, and you can even dye the short hair, which will help you stand out.


Textured Pixie Cut

                      Textured pixie cut 

As much as we adore beautiful straight and edgy haircuts, simplicity often creates the most elegant look. Furthermore, short black haircuts are usually more appealing than long ones. Take a look at this stunning simple pixie cut, which does nothing more than highlight the model’s innate attractiveness.

The best part about the short pixie cut is that it requires little to no upkeep. Simply ruffle it up a little in the morning for a more casual look, or add some hair product for a sleeker finish.

This beautiful straight haircut looks amazing with any outfit and is a perfect look for work.


Feminine Curly Black Pixie Haircut


                  Feminine curly black pixie haircut 

This short feminine curly black pixie haircut with no baby hair insight is a beautiful style that will make you glad you chopped off your long hair.

It is the perfect haircut for women with curly and wavy hair. Use a curling wand to attain lustrous curls. The short curls will look great with summer dresses as well as an oversized shirt with shorts.

Use a curl enhancer to define the fresh curls and make heads turn.


Tapered Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs

                  Tapered pixie haircut with long bangs 

Asymmetry looks best on short haircuts for ladies with round faces. This pixie cut with bangs draws attention to the jaw-line, creating a slimming look. The added volume of the haircut also helps balance out a bigger face.

This tapered pixie haircut with long bangs goes well with dresses and shorts. Try some vibrant colors to this haircut to achieve a mesmerizing look.


Pixie Haircut with Shaved Sides

                  Pixie haircut with shaved sides

Pixie haircuts are a timeless masterpiece. The problem with classics is that they can quickly become dull if not styled properly. Adding an undercut and cool etched lines to your short hair can instantly add uniqueness. Bring the pixie haircut forward to get bangs instantly.

Who wouldn’t want to exude confidence with minimal effort? This short haircut will make you look and feel like a bold, confident woman.


Gorgeous Short Black Curls

                  Gorgeous short black curls 

Do you know that coveted balance of effortless and put-together? Well, this is that haircut. The curls are the perfect blend of natural and styled — not too loose and not too stiff. The haircut is adorable, with a slight retro twist.

Regardless of how you style this haircut, as long as you have naturally wavy hair, this cut will make heads turn wherever you go.


Super Short Coily Haircut with Side Twist Braids

                  Super short coily haircut 

Short haircuts with a lot of curls exude flair and femininity. The tight, twisting coils bring the pixie cut into the twenty-first century, giving it a modern edge. Curls are one of many options to customize your short haircut.

When it comes to styling, create twist braids on the sides and attach hair cuffs for a modern and feminine look. Wear a pair of hoops and a low-cut top with this short hair.


Blonde Pixie Cut With Dark Roots

                  Blonde pixie cut with dark roots 

Constantly touching up roots is a hassle, especially with shorter hair. So simply allow your roots to grow. The deep color against the platinum blonde is on-trend as long as your hair is styled. Additionally, the shadow roots combined with the curled ends make the hair appear thicker and fuller.

Gently tease the roots and make your naturally curly mane do its thing.


Soft And Flowy Bob Haircut

                  soft and flowy bob for a fuller look

This classic bob is a popular look among women who want a low-maintenance haircut. It looks great if your hair is straightened. This bob’s popularity stems from its rounded form and soft, flowy layers.

You have the option to keep a few strands long at the front to achieve a face-framing look. Use a hairdryer to blow out your hair to attain a fuller appearance.


Tapered Pixie Haircut with Longer Layers at The Top

                  Tapered pixie with long layers

Tapers always accentuate women’s haircuts. The tapering of a pixie prevents the haircut from appearing either too long or too short. The Cascade of curls is matched beautifully by small and elegant waves around the sides of the head.


Thick And Choppy Layers

                  Thick and choppy layers 

Even if you have short hair, thick and choppy layers can make it look fuller. Hairsprays and gels will help you keep the style in place and amplify the volume. You don’t have to lose your hair’s body just because you don’t have long locks.


Super Short Blonde Pixie Cut

                  Super short blonde pixie cut 

Women’s best short hairstyles are edgy and daring. Bright colors, such as gold or crimson, look great on warm-toned skin. To achieve this style, have your hair straightened but not overly so that it retains some of its natural wavy structure.


A Layered Bob Haircut with Peekaboo Highlights


                  Peekaboo highlights 

You’ve probably heard of peekaboo highlights, but have you ever seen peekaboo layers?

This haircut is nothing short of spectacular. Consider this to be mermaid hair in a much shorter variant. The layered, textured haircut highlights the colors beautifully.


Blonde Straight Bouncy Bob Haircut

                  Blonde bouncy bob haircut 

Try a bright and blonde color for your short haircut that is entirely on-trend. The bright color combined with the black roots is really sensual and trendy. Of course, a bob with a lot of body and volume is always a plus. This is the very definition of bombshell hair.

As mentioned earlier, after almost a year of isolation, it has resulted in some extremely long hair. So the desire to chop it all off is understandable.

Use the 20 gorgeous haircuts mentioned above, sport beautiful short haircuts, and leave your long locks in 2021.

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