10 Must-Have Items In A Bridal Trousseau

 10 Must-Have Items In A Bridal Trousseau

Even the most modern weddings adhere to some of the most ancient customs. One of them could be putting together a bridal trousseau. A bridal trousseau is a collection of items assembled by a bride to prepare for her wedding day and marriage, such as clothing, jewelry, and linens.

A bridal trousseau is much more than the lingerie set you’ll be wearing on your wedding night. It could be a collection of items you want to wear at your rehearsal dinner and on your wedding day, as well as items you want to bring on your honeymoon. It could even include a few priceless family heirlooms that you plan to bring into your new marriage.

 1. Traditional Sarees

Classic and versatile outfits that you can wear for a long time are another must-have for the bride. For your Indian bride outfit, you can buy a mix of trendy and classic pieces that you will treasure for a long time. You could go for traditional woven saris — such pieces with embroidery will always be a show-stopper. Knowing what colors, trends, and silhouettes to look for can help you find the perfect one; whether it’s a Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, or Chikankari, choose something that speaks to you and that you won’t mind repeating several times.

2. Footwear

It is critical to select footwear that is both comfortable and practical. Stilettos are a no-no with added stress on the feet, and there’s a good chance you’ll end up unhappy wearing them. Pick kitten heels or wedges; they’re appropriate for any occasion without sacrificing inches. Handcrafted juttis or mojaris is ideal for flats.

Choose footwear that is a natural extension of you and the outfits you’ve chosen. Invest in a pair that you will be able to wear after the wedding in comfort. It looks great with almost any ethnic outfit and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Furthermore, a pair of kolhapuris can complement your everyday distressed jeans look, proving that footwear is an excellent addition to the trousseau!

3. Jewellery

Bridal accessories are unquestionably one of the most important items on a bride’s long to-do list. Different types of jewels may be required for various occasions such as honeymoons, post-wedding ceremonies, or regular functions. Apart from the jewelry that your relatives and in-laws give you on your wedding day, you may need some pieces that go with every outfit without having to call your mother in a panic. Accessorizing is a major key to instantly glamour any outfit. Stock up on accessories to go with both traditional and contemporary outfits. Jewelry instills confidence, and a single stunning piece can go a long way.

Make sure you have one of every classic jewelry: the classic chandanbalis, a kamarbandh for low-waisted sarees and lehengas, hathphool, maangtikas, passas, anklets, jhumkas, temple jewelry, cocktail rings, a layered pearl necklace, a few belts, kundan earrings for indo-western outfits, a good pair of bangles, a confident watch, You’ll be amazed at the results if you combine the following items; there are many jewelry options to choose from nowadays.

In other words, a bridal trousseau isn’t complete without the perfect jewelry to complement your stunning ensembles. You owe it to yourself as a bride to include meticulous pieces of jewelry in your trousseau. We assure you that you will not be disappointed! After all, it’s a PG requirement!

4. Coord sets

If you’re new to the coord set trend, it’s when your entire outfit matches from top to bottom. If you style these sets correctly, you can look like a fashion diva in no time. Several celebrities have walked in this trend, and it has been seen on the runways of several shows. Why is it such a market favorite? You can wear it both, in flirtatious or glamorous versions. From day to night, with the ideal styling—you can make it fun, casual, or super sophisticated. It requires less effort than other outfits because no accessories are required. As a result, the attire will be the center of attention.

Co-ord sets are also simple to incorporate into your existing wardrobe; pair a crop top with a pencil skirt, maxi skirt, or even a mini skirt, and you’ll be ready to go anywhere. You can also flaunt your formal wear by pairing a blazer with trousers below; this trend goes from 9-5 in a flash. Coords are a PG must-have on your list because you can wear them for almost any occasion and your workplace is not far away.

5. Kalidaars & Salwaar suits

The Anarkali garment, or modern Kalidaar, has been a part of the fashion game for centuries, according to history. From princesses to queens, everyone has donned elaborate salwar suits and churidars to re-create the regal aura. It enhances your appearance and conceals a variety of flaws. That is why women love to stock up on designer suits in their closets, almost as if they were staples, in order to look stunning without having to work too hard. The ‘Convent Embroidered Pleated Kalidaar set’ speaks of exquisite uniformity with the grandeur of a Kalidaar if you prefer something less pricey. You’re good to go for any occasion if you pair it with some jewelry and heels.

6. Indo-western outfits

Though heavily embellished, embroidered sarees and suits look lovely on a newly married daughter-in-law, they can be very uncomfortable to wear at home on a daily basis. As a result, it’s a good idea to dress comfortably in jeans, t-shirts, a few kurtas, and leggings. These could include a few ready-to-wear clothing items that don’t require much effort to pair together. Purchase a pair of fitted jeans, a maxi dress, a breezy summer dress, a few eye-catching tops, and anything else you enjoy wearing at home.

Carry a few anarkalis, palazzo pants, easy maxi style suits with straight pants, and a few simple churidars or any other such pieces according to your personal taste for occasions such as post-wedding home dinners, small get-togethers. Buying five or six kurtis to match your pants, palazzo, and jeans is a good idea. It’s ideal for when you have visitors coming to your new home. Finally, nothing complements your body like indo-western outfits, so make sure you have plenty on hand because these are the clothes you’ll be wearing the most.

7. Bags

Is it possible for a wedding trousseau to be complete without matching bags? To complement your style, you’ll need matching bags for your dresses, kurtis, anarkalis, and sarees, which you’ll need to put together in your trousseau. Handbags are essential for storing all of your belongings, including your wallet, basic makeup, comb, diaries, and more. It’s a place where you can store almost anything you can think of in one convenient location. Dark-colored bags, such as black and brown, are versatile and go with any outfit. If you want to go for a suave look, go for nudes and peaches; they look classy and extremely chic.

  • Wallets: Make a stylish statement on your better half by including one or two good-looking designer wallets. It allows you to keep all of your credit and debit cards in one place.
  • Clutches: You’ll most likely wear a lot of Indian clothing after the wedding, and traditional clutches look great with them. Have a collection of three to four clutches that includes both traditional and western styles. They are appropriate for any occasion. For all traditional occasions, choose zari clutches in silver, rose gold, or gold. Choose a neutral color, such as nude or black, for a western party or event. You only need three basic colors to get started: black, gold, and silver. They’ll go with most of your newly stitched outfits, and you can also use them with your gowns and dresses if you don’t go for heavily embellished or Indian ones.
  • Sling Bags: Wear it with western outfits for a stylish look. These are ideal for casual occasions; choose chain sling belts for a more dressed-up look. Add a couple of sling bags for your honeymoon or shopping with your mother-in-law! PG recommends investing in a quality bag that will last a long time.

8. Dressy Loungewear

You may be partying to your heart’s content, just as you did before marriage. However, there are times when you must shine brighter than usual. A date with your partner, dinner with the family, or simply a night of drinking with friends or coworkers all requires a little extra oomph. Choose four to five staple outfits, such as jumpsuits, bling tops, and printed dresses.

Furthermore, keep an opulent gown (perhaps the one you wore to your cocktail party) in your trousseau as an extravagant option that elegantly complements your frame. You’ll need this beauty to charm your partner and leave them completely awestruck on your romantic date, clubbing night outs, and romantic candlelight dinners. And, as they say, a little black dress and red peep-toe heels never go out of style!

9. Lingerie & Nightwear

Choosing the right wedding gown is difficult enough, but choosing the right lingerie is even more difficult. Your trousseau must have a variety of lingerie to satisfy your every need, from sexy to basic. In addition, include shapewear in your wardrobe to help you confidently flaunt those curves. Because, in the end, lacy satin lingerie will make you feel uncomfortable and unhappy. Choose fabrics that are both comfortable and stylish. Don’t forget about the sports bras for your workouts.

When shopping for lingerie, keep in mind that you want to buy something delicate with good fabric quality, but also something that will appeal to your partner. Choose a lingerie set that is delicate, sexy, and yet comfortable!

Why should you ignore what happens in the bedroom? Lingerie is just as important as your going-out clothes. Purchase a robe, lace nightgowns, pyjama T-shirt sets, and extra shorts and camisoles. Comfortable shorts, tee shirts, pyjamas, and nightdresses must be included. These aren’t frilly, but they are incredibly comfortable.

One item that must be included in your trousseau when it comes to bride essentials is comfortable and easy nightwear. Instead of rayon or synthetic nightwear, opt for cotton (duh, tropical Indian weather). Kaftan nighties are the most comfortable and should be on your shopping list. Overall, invest in a variety of lingerie and nightwear in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns, and make sure they are comfortable enough to wear during the day. To appear sassy on the inside, choose bold colors such as red and maroon.

10. Statement jackets

Ruffles, layered jackets, and capes are all hot right now, but to be honest, they’ve never gone out of style; it’s a jacket that stands out regardless of what you’re wearing. A statement jacket adds a pop of color that completely transforms your outfit, whether it’s a formal dress or jeans and a simple t-shirt. Because we’re staying away from colored jeans, dresses, and pants, a statement jacket is a perfect alternative to make your outfit stand out. It speaks before you do, grabbing people’s attention and forcing them to compliment you with phrases like “I love your jacket!” ”

Tips on how to go about your trousseau shopping

Begin by making a list of your events, including color options for each occasion and the silhouette you want to wear to these events. As autumn turns to winter, remember to choose fabrics and colors like rich hues in velvets, brocades, and silks when shopping for your trousseau.

To look ethereal in your trousseau, play around with layering and mesmerizing delicate embroidery. Prioritize comfort over fashion. Choose outfits for your trousseau that complement your personality. It’s always preferable to keep things simple but elegant. Take inspiration from current trends and styles.

Try not to over-shop and over-spend when putting together your own wedding trousseau, as exciting as it may sound. Setting a budget before going to trousseau shopping is extremely important. Before you buy, try everything on. Take your time to make the best decisions. Finally, always shop with someone who knows what they’re doing, preferably your mother or sister.

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