10 Interesting Facts About Printing- Plotter Printer

 10 Interesting Facts About Printing- Plotter Printer

Since the dawn of printing technology almost hundreds of years ago, this technology is still ruling the modern world. From the magazines, brochures, menus, to flyers, photographs, greeting cards, etc. we are surrounded by these prints on daily basis. From the first movable type printing system to the modern-day plotter printer, the world of printing has gone through massive changes. No matter how technological advancement has changed the mode of printing, the purpose behind printing remains the same. It is devoted to assisting in educating, advertising, marketing, communication, etc.

Interesting facts related to printing

Despite the wide usage of printing in our everyday lives, there are some unknown facts about printing. These include:

1- Smallest book

The world’s small book that was ever print was a 22-page Japanese book. The book name ‘Shiki no Kusabana’ is displaying in Toppan’s Printing Museum in Tokyo. The book containing images of flowers. The book characters are 0.01mm wide making it impossible to read the book with the naked eye. The book contains illustrations of Japanese flowers and was mading by Toppan Printing Company.

2- World’s oldest printing book

The world’s old and secure book to date is Diamond Sutra. The book was saving in caves for centuries. The book is famous for being the world’s earliest printing book that is surviving to date. The book consists of 7 sections and thin paper to print the text. The papers were past on the wooden block to aid the scrolling.

3- First printing press

It is commonly stating that Johannes Gutenberg was the person who invents the printing press almost 500 years ago. Despite this common belief, history revealed that Gutenberg was not the person behind the first printing press. In fact, the first printing press was invent In China another 200 years ago. Indeed it was one of the greatest inventions that has changed our lives forever.

4- First most printed book in the world

World record for the largest initial print run is helding by the seventh book of the Harry Potter series. The book names ‘Harry Potter and the deadly Hallows’ written by J K Rowling was the most printing book in the initial run. Nearly 12 million copies of the book were print in the initial print run and this book is the fastest-selling fiction book in 24 hours.

plotter printer

5- World’s largest printer

World’s largest printer is known as ‘Infinitus’ that took the printing world to new heights. The printer was creat by Big Image Systems was around 40 X 164 feet in size. The printer produced an image of almost 2000 square feet. The printer was using to print the backdrops of televisions, opera, theater, and stage.

6- World’s smallest printer

After World’s largest printer, the global record for World’s smallest printer is held by PrintStik printer. This printer is 1 X 2 X 11 inches in size and is fully portable. The device supports Bluetooth connectivity and can hold up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. The printer uses thermal technology rather than inks and toners. Further, the printer is rechargeable and using to print small documents. This is using to print bank receipts, maps, tickets, and other smaller documents.

7- Oldest printing house

Cambridge University Press is the oldest press that is working since 1537. A royal charter, Henry VIII in 1534 gave money for establishing this printing house. This press printed its first book in 1584 and has continued publishing with over 2000 and 150 journals in a year.

8- Edible printing

Well another interesting fact about the printing industry is that once a chef printing edible Sushi. The chef Homaro Cantu, of Moto in Chicago, printed sushi using a Canon i560 inkjet printer with edible ink. The person was refer to as a mad scientist but they still pay upwards of $240 for this experimental menu.

10- Expensive fuel

Black printers run on the most expensive fuel on this planet. Black ink is one of the most expensive liquid in the world, even it is more expensive than the space shuttle fuel. The retail cost of black pink is around $2,700 per gallon.


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