10 Best Fake Lashes For Asian Eyes In 2021

 10 Best Fake Lashes For Asian Eyes In 2021

Fed up with small and stubborn eyelashes and want to turn them into mesmerizing and beautiful lashes for the evening party? Do not fret because we are here to help you out. To make sure that your eyelashes are magnificent for the party, you should try the best fake eyelashes for Asian eyes. Now, you may think that using mascara for Asian lashes is the best option, but this is where you are wrong my friend. Although mascaras for the Asian eyes can be helpful, no one can compete with falsies for Asian eyes.

In case you were not able to find the false lashes for small Asian lashes, do not worry, because we have brought you the best fake lashes for Asian eyes you can ever go for. So, without wasting any of your time, let us delve into it. 

Note: Just like your eyelashes, head hair is important as well. If you are fed up with your low porosity hair, no worries, go for the best low porosity hair oils and get rid of all problems. 

Best Fake Eyelashes For Asian Eye In 2021

The best fake eyelashes are not only determined by the price, but the quality and manufacturing company matters a lot. Below are a few best Asian fake eyelashes brands that you should go for at all costs. 

  1. Ardell Natural Multipack False Lashes – 110 Black

To give your eyelashes a natural and fuller look at the same time, you must go for the Ardell Natural Multipack False Lashes. These are among the best natural false lashes that perfectly fit your lashes. Besides, the Ardell natural false lashes ensure that you get a soft and smooth lash effect.  

The Ardell natural multipack false lashes contain a whopping 5 pairs of lash extensions that are both clean and easy to apply. 

Benefits Of Ardell Natural Multipack False Lashes

  • Is designed using 100% sterile hair
  • Lightweight
  • Handcrafted
  • Is suitable for any occasion
  • Is 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Falsies are reusable
  • Does not contain any harmful ingredients
  1. Kiss Products Looks So Natural Multipack – 01 Shy

We know that every woman’s dream is to have lush and beautiful lashes. Keeping that in mind, we have brought you the fake lashes by the famous kiss products. The Kiss products look so natural multipack lashes are quite helpful because they make the lashes appear fuller and longer. 

The kiss products look quite natural and include at least 5 pairs of false eyelashes that are reusable. Besides, these fake lashes for Asian eyes are both easy to apply and remove as well. The best thing about these fake lashes is that they are manufactured with an innovative Tapered end technology. This means that these lashes are easy to blend. 

Benefits Of The Kiss Products Looks So Natural Multipack

  • These lashes are flared and long
  • Are soft and lightweight
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • Are suitable for contact lens wearers
  1. Arimika False Eyelashes – D18

In case if you are new to the concept of using fake eyelashes, then you should go for the Arimika false eyelashes as the best choice for you. These Asian fake lashes are quite easy to use and are lightweight. Besides, the Arimika false eyelashes are easy to blend and contain a durable and sturdy black cotton band. This makes it comfortable for you to wear. 

Benefits Of The Arimika False Eyelashes

  • Includes just two pairs of false eyelashes
  • Is 100% cruelty-free 
  • Handmade and hypoallergenic
  • Is ideal for people who are beginners
  • Is easy to use
  1. Red Cherry False Eyelashes

Ever heard of the Red cherry false lashes? If you haven’t then you cannot be a makeup enthusiast. The Red cherry false eyelashes are among or perhaps the best false eyelashes for small Asian eyes. These false lashes contain softly tapered ends. The reason why they are best is that they criss-cross each other in order to create a natural look. 

Benefits Of The Red Cherry False Eyelashes 

  • Are handmade
  • Are tied by using the human hair
  • Are lightweight and softly tapered
  • These falsies are the best option for both and glamorous look
  1. ZWELLBE False Eyelashes Set

Want a complete Asian eye makeup look? Go for the Zwellbe false eyelashes set. These famous fake eyelashes for Asians contain everything one needs to create the best look. The best thing about the Zwellbe false eyelashes is that they include a boosting 50 pairs of eyelashes.


The Zwellbe false eyelashes are manufactured with ultra-thin and soft synthetic fiber. If you have a monolid eye shape, then the Zwellbe false eyelashes are the best choice for you. These lashes will make your small eyes bigger and brighter. 

Benefits Of The Zwellbe False Eyelashes Set

  • Are lightweight and flexible
  • Provide a realistic and shiny appearance
  • Has a long lifespan
  • 50 pairs of lashes with five different lash styles
  1. Velour Lashes Effortless No Trim Natural Lash Collection Short & Sweet

Another famous and beneficial false eyelashes for small Asian eyes are the Velour lashes. These fake lashes are specifically designed for every eye shape. Thus, this ensures that the lashes do not have to be trimmed ever. 

Benefits Of The Velour Lashes Effortless No Trim Natural Lashes

  • Provides a natural-looking curl
  • Makes you look awake
  1. LoveSeen Iris Lashes

Want subtle fullness and length? Go for the LoveSeen Iris Lashes and you will get what you want. The LoveSeen Iris lashes make sure that you get soft and wispy lashes. 

Benefits Of The LoveSeen Iris Lashes

  • Soft 
  • Provides subtle fullness and length

False Eyelashes For Monolids

Monolid eye shapes might seem the best eye shapes one can get, but there are a lot of problems these eye shapes possess. The biggest problem they pose is that, unlike other eye shapes, a monolid eye shape is not blessed with an established crease. This makes it quite tough to apply eyeliner or a brush. However, this should not hold you back. You can use the best false lashes for monolid eyes to enhance your eye makeup. Below are a few examples you can try. 

  1. Unicorn 3D Faux Mink Lashes

The Unicorn 3d Faux Mink lashes are medium-length lashes that are the best and perfect for monolid eyes. Not only in terms of the size, but the Unicorn 3D Faux Mink lashes ensure that you get a natural look.


The best thing about these fake eyelashes for monolids is that they can be reused more than ten times, this makes them worth the price. 

Benefits Of The False Eyelashes For Monolids

  • Can be reused up to 10 times
  • You can wear them for both day and night events
  1. Eylure Texture Lashes

Another beneficial and popular false eyelash product is the Eylure 117 texture lashes. These fake lashes for small monolid eyes have a long-angled style that provides the user with a twisty finish. The reason why the Eylure texture lashes are ideal for monolid Asian eyes is that they provide the exact amount of length and volume the monolid eyes need. 

Benefits Of The Eylure Texture Lashes

  • Handmade
  • Made in cruelty-free fashion
  • Vegan-friendly
  • High-quality ingredients


Best Fake Lashes For Hooded Eyes

In case if you have hooded eyes, choosing the right false lashes is necessary. The reason why we say this is that if you do not choose the right style, you will not get the right eye makeup look and this can put the rest of your makeup at risk as well. 


To choose the right makeup lashes for hooded eyes, we have provided you with a guide that offers a detailed insight into the best fake lashes for hooded eyes. So, without wasting any further time, let us get into it. 

  1. Doll Beauty Lashes Jasmine

In case if you are a fan of a full lash look, then the Doll beauty lashes Jasmine is the best option you can go for. These best fake eyelashes for hooded eyes provide a single pair of eyelashes that are perfect for any special occasion. 

Benefits Of The Doll Beauty Lashes Jasmine

  • Made of mink
  • Have a textured effect

Final Words

Not all people are fond of mascaras when it comes to creating a perfect eye makeup look. Thus, for these people, fake lashes for Asian eyes are the best option. Be it monolid eyes or hooded eyes, these Asian false lashes are perfect for every eye shape. Thus, if you want to have a perfect eye makeup look, start with these best natural false lashes for Asians. 


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